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Research Update – Hero Tree Additions Now Live


The Latest Monster Research from the Hero Tree is now live.

Check it out in the Hero Tree here.

And see the research and building calculator here.

A few stats about the new research:

  • Total Research Time: 7,100 days
  • Total Power Gain: 9.7 bil
  • Total Silver Cost: 290 bil



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  1. Mate its only one research 7100 years gives u some procent Then they increase the stats after a Month or so , never Ending story , they misusing customers badly , every Day i see 1-2 players at 15+b might getting Zeroed In my kingdom 42, i feel sorry for Them still spending

  2. I love this site. Everytime I get the urge to slurge I read these articles and realize that I will save my money instaed. 7100 years? what a joke.

  3. This site NOT posting my comments, What a junk mentality we have Here where they dont allow us to write , use to be a good site before ,

  4. To play this game and be competitive you must (A) buy packs at least one per month or (B) have 3 or more L21 fully capped silver and food farms to sell for speed ups and then use those to hit infernos to get your gear or a combination of the two.

    My 3 farms produce 400mm food per day and 50mm silver per day. I can sell this for approx 2 million gold per month but I still need to buy at least one full price pack per month to keep pace.

    • To be competitive, you will need more than one pack a month. MOre like one a week to even try to get enough materials to keep up. MZ has build quite a machine for themselves.

      • Rally leaders need 1 per week I agree. Rally traps can get away with 1 per month if they have farms selling silver and food. Thats after buying 15 packs to get the initial research and troops done

  5. P.T. Barnum’s or David Hannum words ring true again… “There’s a sucker born every minute”

    Another barrier just raised for this game and another 100 or more people will quit.

    Any current specs on the number of current and active players

    How about an opinion article on the continued roll-out of changes…us Trolls can’t do it all! :o)


  6. There is a recent interview of the MZ dude up online where there seems to be buyers remorse and complaint about investment in TV advertising not producing the growth results that are paid for and no one being accountable in the advertising industry… I couldn’t help but getting the feeling of “I’ve experienced the same thing with this game I play” when reading it.

    He seems to think the spamming of FaceBook and YouTube users with deceptive ads is more target and cost effective and that will be the wave of the future. I suppose employing or having in-house review mills to plant fakes on the distribution points is part of that strategy too. He did this interview nonetheless at a function put on for TV advertisers. I think the article is titled MZ CEO Freakout or something along those lines.

    I presume he had high hopes for that most recent superbowl ad he paid for and it’s just not living up to the hype… go figure.

    Talk about a buffoon – I hope I am around and see the day that dude get’s perp walked.

  7. Profile photo of Blue

    People! u do know you don’t have to spend a lot of money to play. You don’t have to do all the research to still capture hero’s and win kvk. I think it’s funny when multi billion powered accounts continues to hit me time and time and can’t figure out why their hero keeps on getting captured and they lose millions of troops at a time. GOW is a game of strategy. If your spending a ton of money, then that’s not very strategic, is it.

    • If a “multi-billion powered account” is attacking you, you know they have spent significant money to obtain the resources and speeds necessary to become a multi-billion account. Furthermore, they have thereby acquired the gear and cores that come with buying those packs. Now they hit you, and you claim to repeatedly capture their hero while killing millions of their troops. GOW is a game of math and algorithms. The best gear/cores have much higher multipliers – that’s why you spend to get those so you don’t get destroyed by those who do spend. You could not possibly win such battles without similar gear (probably forstlord or haunted xena permanent gear) or cores. It’s just math. There is no magic strategy that defeats 600,000 troops X 100 power X 4000% X [black box algorithm] except for having your own massive army and the mulitpliers through research and gear or cores that match up.

  8. 7100 years is approx 2.6 million days lol…I’m assuming that’s without and gear or boosts. Let’s say with proper gear and boosts you cut it to 260k days that’s about 30 packs which is only about 3k out of your wallets.

    But wait, you’re still short silver so you might need another 2k to finish ???. Let’s take a look at mz at a glance in the last 2 months give or take.

    Wild troops about 3k to finish
    Extra March research another 3k
    Dungeon old and new research I’m guessing 7k plus
    Extra plots…a good 2k for all of them
    Hero tree another 3k
    Vip 18…assuming no gold a good 1k in vip packs

    There you have it folks. A quick rundown of what it costs just to keep up with mz’s sick disgusting idea of entertainment…not to mention you cant even play the game these days cuz of the lag but hey…Isn’t 20k worth it for that .01% monster hit ?. And stay tuned for sh25…

  9. Look for amount of silver ??

  10. Did you mean 7100 years not days?

  11. 9.7bil power gain with only 7100 days? That can’t be right…

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