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Research Sockets

New way to use your gems just released.

Athena has sent you the Research Sockets Codex in a mail today and it opens up the ability to add mythical gems to your research  trees.  For those with stronghold level 24 and up, within your academy at the top of the research trees is where you will click to begin adding the mythical gems to each research tree.  There are four slots, so far, in each tree you have fully researched in which you are able to embed a gem to help add points in three categories – Honour, Valour and Glory.  The points built up in each of these three categories add together to open up immense stat boosting numbers.

Points you are able to gain through adding the mythical gems are:

Mythical divine Amethyst – 2 Honour Points

Mythical liberator Ruby – 20 Honour Points

Mythical divine Sapphire – 2 Valour Points

Mythical liberator Sapphire – 20 Valour Points

Mythical divine Emerald – 2 Glory Points

Mythical liberator Emerald – 20 Glory Points

Mythical divine Topaz – 5 Points in each Honour, Valour, Glory

Mythical liberator Topaz – 30 Points in each Honour, Valour, Glory

Using the new mythical gem set will obviously allow you to benefit from a higher overall combined number which in turn opens up the larger boosts.  To gain the best benefits available, you will need a combined 2,500 points in each of the three categories.   Once there, you will see boosts of

  • 1B% mobile trap attack,  rally/wonder mobile trap health, encamping raiding/gathering tile health
  • 500M% legion attack,  wonder holding attack debuff
  • 500,000% legion defence
  • 450,000% legion defence debuff
  • 250,000% empire defence
  • 200,000% empire defence debuff
  • 100,000% resolute troop defence (defending only and not able to debuff this



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