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Premium Membership (Monthly)


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  1. I have rejoined gow premium today. When I try to log in, I receive a message from a website called ‘Jetpack’ that states my IP address has been blocked for security reasons. Can someone please contact me to support

  2. How do you cancel your membership

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    Why do I have to set up a pay pal account to pay for this

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    I paid for he premium subscription and it still says I am not a member. Can some one assist me please?

  5. Do I really have to pay for potion recipe? I’ve gotten max attack infantry, and all that came with Styx.Health,and trap with infantry along with max attack,but with new ranged set I need the same,or I just use old and lose.My cores at lvl16,but can’t see all these boosts,and having to pay more.Navi or someone help me.I also have 22mill fire shards,pay big $ for trove ports like DBC I have 4,last reduction was a10k.Without this or a reduction I won’t be in this ke.

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    Yo we have the new biggest nerf hit Allaince -$AN* 4.6b hit

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