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Are You Ready for Max VIP

Game of War recently announced the opportunity to go further and achieve more power than ever before with two new VIP levels: 350 and 375.

VIP Level 350

VIP Level 350 takes game play to a new level with the ability to unlock the Smart Troop Training System. Reaching VIP 350 allows you to train Troops more efficiently by limiting the maximum number of Troops available for training based on resources, preventing warriors from spreading their resources too thin and creating a more competent base.

Already reached VIP Leve 350? Unlock this new feature at More > Options > “Smart Troop Training Options”> “Train the max amount of troops with current resources”

VIP Level 375

VIP level 375 is an opportunity for warriors to access new, powerful stats and build your hero’s Skill Tree.

Increase your fight ability and staying power with these stats:


  • 87KTT% Mobile Trap Health
  • 175KTT% Wonder and Rally Health Bonus


  • 2MT% Resolute Defense
  • 3MT% Type Defense
  • 3MT% Legion Defense Bonus
  • 3MT% Troop Defense Bonus


  • 201KTT% Onslaught Attack
  • 2MTT% Troop Attack Bonus

Combine these stats with renewed access to the Hero Skill Tree.

VIP level 375 automatically fills the Skill Tree with a speed previously unseen in Game of War.

Tapping into the Skill Tree is simple. Once you’ve made it to VIP Level 375, visit your Hero Skill Tree. Once there, tap any node. It will ask you to confirm that you want to unlock the node by automatically filling the minimum Skills needed – say yes and fight your best.

These are just the latest chances to boost your hero’s ability to dominate in battle.

Stay tuned to the in-game blog for news about more opportunities to take your game to the next level.


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  1. VIP 375? lol… 4 weeks later its VIP 900 and T21 troops. This site is well behind (like all players with the updates)

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