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Reach New Levels With Your Demigod Beryl Warrior Hero

Hail, warriors,

The Demigod Beryl Hero is already a terror on the battlefield, but you have the chance to make yours more powerful than ever by leveling it to the new maximum level of 150.

Here’s a look at the new benefits you get when this powerful fighter reaches its new peak.

  • 9,950% Demigod Troop Attack
  • 14,925% Demigod Troop Defense
  • 4,975% Demigod Troop Health
  • 5,000% Desert Storm Attack
  • 5,000% Gushing Lava Attack
  • 5,000% Flashing Whirlpool Attack
  • 500% March Speed
  • 500,000 Overlimit March Size
  • 2,500,000 Overlimit Rally Size
  • 4,000% Demigod Attack Debuff
  • 4,000% Demigod Defense Debuff
  • 4,000% Demigod Health Debuff
  • 1,000% T3 Combat Research Resource Cost Reduction
  • 1,000% T3 Defense Research Resource Cost Reduction
  • 2,500% Demigod Empire Rally Attack
  • 2,500% Demigod Wonder Holding & Rally Attack
  • 1,250% Demigod Empire & Wonder Rally Health
  • 1,200% Debuff to Enemy Demigod Rally Attack While Holding the Wonder
  • 1,200% Debuff to Enemy Demigod Rally Health While Holding the Wonder

If you’re interested in reaping some of these powerful benefits for yourself, make sure to level up your hero with Beryl Warrior Hero Level Spears+ and customize their specialized Skill Trees.

If you need more equipment or other items for your warrior on your kingdom, make sure to visit the Gold Store today.


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