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Raiding Banks – Tip (PART 2)

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After my first post on raiding banks which can be found here, I would get asked, “How do you click on the stronghold when there are a lot of players raiding the same bank from every angle?” quite regularly. If you have not had the pleasure of raiding a bank, it can be very hard to click on the stronghold (abbreviated to SH from here on). It can take 10-15 mins before you actually are able to press on the SH in order to bring your attack screen up to launch your first march. This is due to the many different marches that will likely be covering every visible part of the SH. Each time you try to click on the SH, you end up hitting / pressing on another player’s march instead, which can be a frustrating process.

I have been able to find a way that 99% of the time will let you press on the SH first go.

This tip is very straightforward, and I do hope you all are able to make this work.

This first shot is of a large player that got zeroed last KVK as you can see there are many players hitting the SH. Players marches are coming in from every angle making it almost impossible to tap on the SH.


The next step is all you need to do is go up into your bookmarks and select any other kingdom bookmark (perhaps this is your home kingdom or another inter-kingdom bookmark location. Select it so you are viewing that location.


All you now need to do is hit the far top left button of the home SH. The system will lag, and during this time you can scroll in to where you think the SH will load, as you can only see land and terrain at first.

I don’t know why, but the next thing to load is the SH that is getting hit. This will be the only thing visible on the screen besides the terrain as the load sequence starts. Players’ marches load next, and finally all the other SHs will load quickly after. Whilst the bank/zeroed player is the only thing visible on the land, you should have a one or two second window (depending on your lag / loading time) to tap on the SH. From here, you are able to follow my previous tips to keep raiding.

This tip works over and over should you need to click on the bank/zeroed player again.



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  1. Amazing that a mobile game can ask its players for $1000, and then make players use bugs to even use the UI, what a piece of crap.

  2. That’s a very nice tip. I typically can catch the “edge” of the SH…and using a tablet rather than a phone makes it much easier.

  3. HAHAHA do they spend all day deleting comments here? the list of comments gets shorter every time I look hur hur

    MZ is trash thank you very much

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Up until about two weeks ago we’ve hardly had to remove any comments but unfortunately (mostly due to one person in particular) the number of threatening, abusive and spammy comments has increased. We try to keep comment moderation to a minimum but we will not tolerate abuse or threatening behavior.

      • Abusive or threatening isn’t the only thing you will moderate out… both you and I know it… so cut the crap.

        I had a post removed just because I pointed out a specific post had been removed… 2 of mine were removed actually, and there was nothing whatsoever that could be viewed as abusive or threatening towards anyone individually or a group in what I wrote.

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Jeff, out of your 100+ comments only two have been removed. They were removed because the comment you were referring to (and defending) was inflammatory and xenophobic.

  4. It would be a lot easier if MZ just added a QoL improvement and allowed you to type in the co-ordinates for your attack…

    I’m sure it will be available in ViP level 22 due to arrive at Easter 2016 ;p

    • You are correct, they will put that functionality behind a paywall at the higher levels as it is lower on the most requested feature totem pole…. first they have to release the “twinkling silver roof top” of the sh because its the next best thing to what everyone aspires to have, the gold rooftop… but we all know only one can have that. To sweeten the pot, the silver roof top will be likened to the alter boost where the duration for that honorary roof will be based on consecutive pack purchases… The demand is expected to exceed transaction server capacity, so don’t wait when released. That will coincide with the incremental increases of gold up to 5 million.

      The easy to “spot the fool” avatars for the message rooms have been a huge success, so the next strategic step will be to give that same visual aid in map mode to alleviate the need to click on sh and check profiles to make the who’s a fool determination.

      Stay tuned to this blog for more details to be released soon.

      Thx, -MZ Bonus assurance dept.

      • lmfao and yes I actually laughed

      • Lol. This reminds me of MZ’s CS. After getting a proper answer after 6 (!!!) mails back and forth, I wrote them that it was the best support I’ve ever received and they replied with a big thanks. I guess their auto-generator didn’t quite get the sarcasm I was sending their way.

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