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Protecting Yourself – A Beginner’s Guide

Game of Wghost-rallyingar Guide to Ghost Rallying, Shielding and Keeping Yourself Safe

You will get attacked a lot in Game of War, there is no avoiding it. The clue is in the name. Early on, there is no way of effectively defending against players with much higher power than you. All you can really do is minimize your losses when they do attack you. The two most important goals of keeping yourself safe are:

a) Don’t lose your hero, losing him for 4 days can be devastating to your economy. If he is then executed this then sets you back even more.

b) Don’t let troops get killed. They are very expensive and time consuming to replace.

Other less important goals are protecting your resources and protecting your traps.

Protecting Your Troops and Hero

1) Shielding
This is the easiest and simplest method. However it is also very expensive. The cheapest way to keep yourself shielded is using 3-day shields which costs 25k gold per month. You can buy they from them alliance store but they are not great value for money  (see the list of alliance store items). Early on, it is simply not worth spending that amount of gold to protect what is likely a relatively small amount of resources. Losing a million of a resource might seem like a lot, but later on it becomes small change.

Peace Shield

2) Ghost Rallying
This is definitely the best method of protection until you have over 250,000 troops. A ghost rally works by tapping on an enemy Stronghold (needs to be in an alliance or level 15 or higher), selecting Rally, and then setting the timer for 8 hours. Make sure you add all your troops and your hero.rally-target

This will hide your hero and troops for the duration of the timer. The idea is that you login before the timer is up an cancel the rally before the timer finishes. If yo don’t, your army will march towards and attack your target.  If your troops have already set-off, you can recall them however before they reach the target.

For this reason it is good for your target to be as far a way as possible. Troops move very slowly through the forest (coordinates 250:500), so ideally choose a target it on the other-side of it. If done correctly, ghost rallying can protect your troops for over 10 hours.

Just in case, make sure you choose someone in a small alliance with no troops. That way if your rally does end up hitting them, no harm done!

Ghost Rallying keeps your troops and hero completely safe. You should be doing this everytime you log off – there is no reason not to.

Rally timer include hero and troops

3) Reinforcing
This is where you send your troops to a shielded alliance member. To do this you simply tap their Stronghold and choose reinforce. It is important to note that you can’t reinforce with your hero, reinforcing just protects troops. Also if the person your are reinforcing reapplies their shield, your troops will get sent home so make sure you are in communication with them.  This is good to do in conjunction with the ghost rally above when you have more than 250k troops. You set a ghost rally for 250k troops and your hero and send the rest to a neighbour.

reinforce troops

4) Hospital Space
Hospitals don’t protect you as such but they stop your troops from dying if you do get caught out. Recovering wounded troops from hospital is much cheaper and quicker than retraining from scratch. I recommend trying to have enough hospital space to cover nearly all of your troops up until the point you have around 200k troops. After this point it becomes much harder to have sufficient hospital space.

Protecting Resources and Traps

Even if you keep your troops and hero safe, attackers are still able to raid your city. Here are some tips to minimise the damage they can do:

Keep your Storehouse upgraded, this reduces the amount of resources they are able to take from you.

Send your resource to your alliance bank if it has one. You have to pay the tax, but this is much better than your enemies getting it! (A bank is a designated stronghold in your alliance that is kept permanently shielded. Players are able to safely store their resources there.)

Only build low level traps. Traps are very expensive and slow to build and unless you are shielded 24-7 you will lose them. You will get to a stage of the game where you have too many troops to protect using the methods above so will have to stay shielded anyway. This is the time to build high level traps. Before this point it is simply not worth the resources to build traps that will almost certainly be destroyed. The exception is Bricks (and Iron Bricks). They do a great job defensively and are super cheap and quick to build. Build them whenever you get the chance.

In summary, protecting yourself is a very important part of Game of War: Fire Age. Many players don’t start doing it until they have learnt the hard way, costing them significant time and resources. Much better to be proactive and start keeping yourself protected now!



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  1. Only way to kill your own captured hero is with hemlock.

  2. Hero has been taken. The Excute timer has run out for the person who captured it. But they won’t kill it or return it. Can I kill my own hero somehow or is there a way it will release after so many days if they don’t? So annoying…can’t play the game.

  3. At what level will i be able to biy a 30 day peace shield for my lvl 10 stronghold?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      I am pretty sure once you pass SH14 you are then given access to 30 Day shields.

    • Im catz meow from 511 BRIAR .SH 15. ALLOWS YOU TO PURCHASE 30 DAY SHIELDS. BUT. .YOU CAN BE GIFTED 30 DAY AND USE THEM AT ANY SH LEVEL ..YOU JUST CANT BUY THEM TIL SH 15. ooh. By the way. Doesnt matter. Cause. MZ has come out with a. SHIELDBREAKER GEM ..WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE NOW .

  4. why i can t port into another kingdom ? i have sh 3 but doesnt let me join …

  5. I have so far been unable to find any hint of an answer to this question, but what determines whether or not you will get a victory or a loss when attacking another city? A few times I have attacked pplayers with much lower powers that were attacking lower powered cities in my alliance, and I still lost. I am very far along in research, about 500m power worth. Do I need to be able to zero them before I get the “win”? If not, how can I estimate whether or not I will win or lose a battle?

    • Win is based on the person with themost number of troops killed.. Dependent on the stats on your gear.. Types of troops you are sending.. Whether you include your hero or not.. What power level and what kind and quantity of troops he has..

    • It does not matter who lost more power either. The best way to Be sure you are going to win is to Scout first. If you can fill their hospital bed space you win. Always attack with strat. Reg troops have lower attack ability. And send troop that is for your Gear

  6. Dig shields come in

  7. how do you get a Dig Site Shield. I read that there is such a thing?

  8. If you have a few troops rallied but not your hero, can he still be captured?

    • Yes. Whatever is in your city can be killed/taken other then the number of rss being protected by your storehouse, number of t oops who make it into the hospital and the power of your research

  9. If the person you are reinforcing ports, do your troops go with them or are they returned home?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      The player that your reinforcing won’t be able to port with your reinforcements. That player will have to send them home (back to you) before they can port.

    • I have a question forgive me if I am in the wrong place but I had a battle with a much larger player he hit me 10 times I lost but my hospital saved my t1 t2 troops and let my t4 all die I thought they should have taken priority

  10. after being raded all my troop are not seen anywhere?? are they dead or will they reapear in hospital with time?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, if you have a red cross above your hospitals then they are in there. If not then they are dead. You can see your total troop numbers by clicking on your barracks. Also check battle reports in Notifications Mail to see how many died.

      • I recently came across an option called guardian shielding i was wondering if you knew how this works and if so how to apply a shield to a fellow alliance member

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, Yes I saw that earlier but looks like it has gone again. Would be a great feature

  11. is there a way an enemy can deactivate your shield?

    • This happened to me recently I am the alliance leader someone was let into our alliance and took the wonder and made me king causing my shield to drop.

  12. ghost rallies,to increase your safe time and to ensure your troops are safe if your rally actually hits,train at least one siege troop as they march slower than all others,and find a dead city to use as target,with a little trial and error you can effectively have a 14 to 16 hr safe period from initial rally set to return to your city,also moving across forest diagonally takes longer than horizontally or vertically

  13. i have 3,2 million t3 troops. is there any way to keep them save without using a shield? is it useful to rise the t3 troops to 5 million to gain an inferno event gold price, or do i need t4 troops for strong defense? i have not really battle experience yet, can u tell me what would happen, when my troops fight against a rally of 2,25 million t4 troops? can a rally army use 75% attack bonus-item?

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, with those troop numbers the only way is through shielding. Unfortunately I can’t tell you without knowing the specifics of your boosts (and of the attackers boosts) but you will probably lose a lot of troops against most rallies. T4 troops are useful yes – start by training 300k+ so you can send a full march of them.

      • troop defense bonus is 287% yet…..rised t3 troops up to 4,7 million now, to hit an inferno event mixed with research.

        troops bonus:
        kavellery 3% ….troop size: 1,59 mio
        infantry 91%…..troop size: 1,63 mio
        distance 3%…..troop size: 1,55 mio
        traps: 28% … 100 k steam canons

        can’t find a simulator for the situation. 🙁

  14. MoreMoneyMorePowerNoBrains

    Only the Rally timer is 8 hours . So if takes you an hour to march to other side from where you are, and you don’t recall,it will take you 8+1+1 = 10 hours to get Hero and Troops back . 20 hours would be ridiculous,they would have to be 6 hours away for that to happen ( 8+6+6=20) ; dont think thats even possible from NE corner to SW Corner ( as an example)

  15. About the Ghost Rally, because you are picking a weak target (or you should be), it’s 10 hours there, and then 10 hours back. So really it’s 20 hours between rallies, rather then 10. However ideally you probably you don’t wanna atack them…

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