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Prepare for KvK Warfare with Hero, Building, & Troops

Are you ready for KvK Warfare Season 2017?

You have been preparing for this season all year, and it is now time to gather your resources and dominate you enemies.

Don’t worry warrior, Game of War has now released all the items you need to survive and thrive during this most difficult period.

With these newly-released benefits, you can:

  • Reach new Hero strengths
  • Dominate the battlefield both offensively and defensively with increased Troop strength
  • Build an impenetrable City to keep out your greatest rivals

Are you ready to reach new heights, warrior?

Grow Your March Size

The new releases include additional march size benefits for Troops and Trap.

Troop March

  • 600B – Solo March Size
  • 3T – Rally March Size

Trap March

  • 300B – Solo Mach Size
  • 1.5T – Rally March Size

Newly Released Bonuses

You’ll need more than powerful Troops to dominate during the KvK Warfare season.

We think some of these new bonus stats will help you on your mission:

Attack Bonuses

  • 3BTT% – Troop Attack bonus
  • 3BTT% Legion Attack Bonus
  • 3BTT% Type Attack
  • 3BTT% Rally/Wonder Attack Bonus
  • 240MTT% Onslaught Attack
  • 90MT% Unstoppable Attack

Defense Bonuses

  • 1.5MT% Troop Defense Bonus
  • 1.5MT% Type Defense
  • 1.5MT% Legion Defense Bonus
  • 1.5MT% Resolute Defense
  • 200KT% Enemy Troop Defense Bonus
  • 400KT% Enemy Legion Defense Bonus
  • 200KT% Enemy Type Defense Debuff

Health Bonuses

  • 75BTT% Mobile Trap Health
  • 4MTT% Legion Health Bonus
  • 4MTT% Troop Health Bonus
  • 4 MTT% Type Health Bonus
  • 1.5TTT% Rally/Wonder Health Bonus

Additional Must-Have Bonuses

  • 150% Multi-Kill
  • 2.25T% Massacre

Play Your Strongest Defense

These states will help you build a strong hero, protect your land with the best troops, and defend your epic empire from the fiercest of enemies.

Game of War is preparing for KvK Warfare. Stay tuned to the in-game blog for the latest updates on newly available stats for your Hero.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on Events for even greater rewards.


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