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Pimp your Buildings – Stronghold 35

35 is the new 30, Stronghold 35 has been released

Your stronghold, and most internal buildings, can now be upgraded to level 35.  Enjoy scaring your enemies with a formidable rally size of 150,000,000 and learn more about your opponent with advanced scout reports.

Using the new construction gear Master Mason’s Gear Set (which grants you  40k opalite glass reduction, 426% construction speed along with 6250 reduction for master hammers/stone columns/brass rods) to upgrade your buildings to thirty five.  With this gear, upgrading up to level 33 will have zero cost for your villas, barracks, hospitals and resource buildings.

More benefits from upgrading fully include:

Stronghold – 30M march size, 500M resource receive capacity

Marketplace – 500M resource help capacity, 300M% gathering troop health

Storehouse -10B resource storage, 50,000% empire troop defence

Villa – 50% training speed, 1M% troop attack

Barracks – 500,000 troop queue, 2,000% troop defence/enemy troop health debuff

Hospital – 500,000 hospital capacity, 20% hospital healing speed, 2,000% troop health

Forge – 600% crafting speed, 200% core high-range boost, 50% core/relic duration

Walls – 250M max trap count, 100M% trap attack, 50,000% trap defence, 200% trap training speed, 200M% mobile trap health for both wonder holding/wonder rally

Gymnos – 550% hero xp modifier, 145 total skill points, 50,000% legion defence debuff

Prison – 5M% troop attack with captured hero

Altar – 20M% troop attack, 10,000% troop health/troop defence bonus from hero execution

Embassy – 50M reinforcement capacity, 50,000% embassy defence

Watchtower  – advanced hero scouting report, 50M% watchtower debuff, 1M scout bonus cost

Academy – 500% research speed, 50M% wonder holding attack debuff

Hall of War – 150M rally capacity, 50M% rally attack, 300M% wonder holding troop health/rally health

Rural Building Boosts – 25M% legion attack/wonder holding troop health/rally health, increased resource production and capacity

Requirements for Building Level 31-35

BuildingLevel 31Level 32Level 33Level 34Level 35
Hall of War540,000340,000140,0004,460,00013,460,000
Rural BuildingLevel 31Level 32Level 33Level 34Level 35
Logging Camp00062,240256,490

NOTE: Upgrading your farm to level 35 & Villa gives you the ability to produce the new type of resources.


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  1. I used to love this game, would play everywhere I went, but the last couple months, I got tired of chasing my tail. I’ve spent a lot of money in this game, I didn’t mind, it was worth it and I would have spent it somewhere else, but damn. Anyways, a real nice fella from the Netherlands who loves the game but doesn’t/can’t spend, just inherited a 100T account, cause enough is enough.

  2. This is why most quit . Its all about money no skill no strategy. But the best pack and win lol
    I liked it when 21 was tops and all was equal.

  3. SH34/35 aint shit, capped a 7 SH35 rallies yesterday and i dont even have the new banners, if anyone wants screens add me on Line @1iwonder1

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