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Peril Awaits Your Armies as the King of Champions Reopens November 13th to 14th

Mortals from every kingdom clamor and rush to The Kingdom of Champions. Athena has opened the Kingdom for Her birthday offering special bonuses to all warriors with the courage to enter. But be advised, much research needs to be done before you and your armies are prepared. Turnout for the event will be epic, and Athena will be feeding on the blood of the slain and fallen.


Champion Research contains three distinct trees; one for Strength, one for Wisdom, and one for Fortitude. You must familiarize yourself with them before doing battle in the Kingdom of Champions.


Fortune Favors the Survivors


Event points can be amassed through these feats of cunning, strength, and courage:


  • Time holding the Champion’s Throne Wonder
  • Burning down strongholds in the Kingdom of Champions
  • Burning strongholds in the forest of the Kingdom of Champions
  • Surviving longer in the Kingdom of Champions will allow you to claim survivor tokens and push ahead of your enemies!


Will you survive?

The next champion to win Bonus Round 3 will be featured in the Champion’s Monument Building for all to a gaze upon in awe of their astounding achievement.


Don’t miss out on this event! Prepare wisely. Train relentlessly. Build your armies and enter the Kingdom of Champions where excellence is measured simply in how long you can survive.


Can You Gain the Upper Hand?


You can! Enter the Kingdom of Radiance to gain exclusive boosts that will help you in battle!


Complete Multiple Researches at the same time with Instant Research and maximize your battle strategy!


Begin your preparations. Gird your loins. The time for battle is upon you! Strike swiftly and without mercy! Leave the limbs of your enemies in you wake! And be remembered for eternity as the greatest champion of all time!


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