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Building Boosts Updated

We have updated the building boosts, as always will be constantly updated with credits, if you have a higher boost(even if isn’t highest multiplier, which is 280.7) please submit the screenshots. Click HERE to check the boosts page

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Gear Workshop Level 27-30

The Gear Workshop can now be leveled up to 30 Coinciding with the rest of the buildings, you can now upgrade the gear workshop up to level 30. In addition to needing brass rods, you will also need Seething Power Jewels, which you can obtain by purchasing packs. Once you max your Gear Workshop, you will be able to power ...

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Building a SH 16 Trap

How to build an effective SH 16 Trap The build is actually very easy, just extremely time consuming. The most tedious part of this build, is the troops, which you will need close to 52B of. Training is easier now with troves, though. Currently with a 5000% troop queue you can build 3.2m troops per round, being blessed, with the ...

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Guide to Super Wonder

Understanding the basics of Super Wonder Once a month, for 3 days, the Kingdom of Fire opens. You may look and wonder exactly what is going on. Are all of these people fighting to be emperor? The answer is no. The majority of people who are there, are part of a team, that is supporting just one person. While each ...

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Adjusting your Trap for New Releases

Trap adjusments after New Releases New releases in GOW continue to drop at an incredible rate. As a result of this, you will see traps that were previously unburnable, start to take multi-billion power hits within the first hour or two of a new release. So how do you know if your trap still works? What needs to be done ...

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New Buildings Level 27-30

MZ Drops 4 Building levels, at once We have been waiting for the release of SH 27, since November. Although unexpected, we really shouldn’t be surprised that MZ decided to drop building levels 27-30, all in one release. What we can be surprised by, is the new max rally and solo sizes, and the cost to complete it all. At ...

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Shredder Attack Gem Set

New Attack Gem Set MZ has released a new attack gem set, to replace the most recent Butcher Attack set. Shredder Attack Set has about 30% more attack and defense debuff, than its predecessor. The highest increase seems to be in Health Debuff, where it offers about a 70% increase. Full Set of level 6 gems will provide the following: ...

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New Rune Research Tree

Powerup With Runes MZ has added another research tree, Runes. After starting this research, you will be able to equip your weapons with Runes. You can use 4 runes in each weapon, no other gear, and there is currently no set bonus to go along with it. Key Benefits of Research Unlock up to 4 Rune Slots, for regular and ...

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Daily Bonus Club Revamped

Daily Bonus Club with new Features The last few months, the DBC has come with daily rewards, that most of us don’t even need anymore. MZ has finally updated it, added things we can use, removed the things we don’t use, and added a new feature. Here is what you can expect this month, when you renew your Daily Bonus ...

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New Ranged Core Set

Rhea Range Core Set MZ’s newest core release is Range based. Full set of Rhea cores has the following stats.. 7000% Ranged Attack 2150% Enemy Health Debuff 2200% Enemy Defense Debuff Powered up will have a Power Bonus of 1512% Ranged Attack and 504% Enemy Defense Debuff. Rhea cores do not offer much more than Styx cores did, in terms ...

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