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Hero Health Banner

Hero Health Banner MZ has released a new banner for the Imperial Banner Building. This banner will provide a Health Bonus, to all troop types. Activating a Legendary Hero Health Banner, will provide your troops with an additional 700% Health Bonus. Making traps even harder to beat. The Hero Health Banner is available in current packs. A quick reminder, contrary ...

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Ice Core Sets

New Ice Cores  were released A new type of cores were released for this Christmas season. Called Ice Cores, just like the Black Friday type cores, it just improves the current cores. Slightly improving the older sets, uses the same pieces of the older sets but you need the new cores, and it’s a different set bonus. At first there ...

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Reincarnation Stone

Fresh Profile with Reincarnation Stone Ever wish you could reset the stats on your profile? Have a trap that isn’t getting hit any longer because your kills are too high, or you have too many high level heroes in your graveyard? Well, now you can! MZ has just released the Reincarnation Stone. With this stone, you can reset your profile ...

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New Cavalry & Wonder Cores

Luna Cores Cavalry set, released As we announced weeks ago before it’s release, MZ finally released its newest set of cores. Luna cores are the latest release, and it is a Cav set. Powered up and equipped, this set will provide you with 7662% Cavalry Attack, 2554% Defense Debuff, & 1600% Calvary Health! Paired with Banners, boosts, Behemoth boots, and ...

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Gem Set Tool – Now Live!

Gem Sets in Game of War We’ve launched the first version of the Inside Game of War Gem Set tool. The tool lets you see: Gem Set Recipes Gem Set Boosts Total Boosts for the entire Gem Set And the filters help you find the exact GoW Gem Sets that you are looking for. The following filters are available: Gem ...

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Behemoth Monster Mastery Research

Level 8, Behemoth Monsters & Gear New research is available under the Hero Tree. Level 8 Behemoth monsters are released, and the only way to kill them, is to unlock the Behemoth Monster Mastery Research. This research will also unlock more than 4000% Combat Stats. Killing Behemoth Monsters will drop chests, that will give boosts to not only you, but also ...

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12 Days of December Event

December Holiday Team Event MZ has created yet another, choose your team event. This time, we are to choose a snowman…gold, red, or green. Last night everyone received an email, from Athena, with their 12 Days of December emblem. After checking your mail, go to your items, and select your team. This is exactly the same process, as the Tournament ...

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Alchemy Lab, 26

Build your Alchemy, to 26 The latest MZ building release is for Alchemy Lab 25 & 26. Upgrading to 25 will boost your potion range from 200% to 300% and building to 26, will boost your potion range from 300% to 600%. It will also add Potion Craft Luck. Alchemy 25 Potions will be boosted to 300% and Craft Luck ...

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Gear Workshop Level 26

Build your Workshop to level 26 The latest MZ building release is for Gear Workshop 25 & 26. Upgrading to 25 will allow you to boost cores to 6, and building to 26, will give you level 7 cores. To upgrade these buildings you will need Stone Columns and Booming Power Jewels (currently only found in packs). No rss or ...

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Burning Stronghold

Game of War Leaderboard

GOW Leaderboards for rallies/solos/kills We are constantly posting updates when there is a record broken, i.e. nerf hit, largest zero, who has the most kills. This new feature is going to allow you to see, the leaders, in many different categories. There will be a spot for biggest burn, biggest zero, biggest nerf (solo & rally) It will also feature ...

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