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March Tree Research – Live Now!

Game of War March Research I am proud to announce that with the completion of the march tree, Inside Game of War becomes the first and only website to have complete research data! You can check out the research here. And don’t forget to use our Research Tool if you want to see the times with your research boosts applied. ...

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Crafting Research Tree – Now Complete!

Game of War Crafting Research Today’s update adds complete data for the crafting research tree. In addition, all previous research data has been completed. Inside Game of War is now the most complete source for Game of War research on the web! Check it out here: And don’t forget to use our Research Tool if you want to see ...

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Xerxes Elephant Gear and Xena’s Defensive Gear

Full Game of War Equipment Update Xerxe’s Elephant Gear and Xena’s Defensive gear have been added to the site bringing the equipment list back up to date. The Xena’s Defensive gear has taken the Best Combat Gear list by storm, with all 5 of them making appearances. The Elephant Gear doesn’t quite make any of the top 3’s, but…. I ...

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Complete Research Update – Coming This Weekend

Full Research Data is Nearly Here We’ve been working hard to get a complete set of Research data and the work is nearly done. By the end of the weekend we should have complete set of research data for you. This includes Full update to all existing research including research times, power rewards and Hero XP. Crafting Research – complete ...

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Guide to Alliance Cities

Alliance City Guide Now Online Alliance Cities are nearly here and Inside Game of War is proud to launch its Alliance City page. It just has a basic overview for now but we hope to have all the build times, resources costs and boosts within days of thealliance cities going live. Keep checking back for the latest info.  

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Equipment Gear

The Best Combat Gear – Revealed

Which are the best items for combat? It is not an easy question to answer as items frequently offer multiple boosts. How do you compare an item offering 30% Troop Attack with one offering 20% Troop Health + 20% Defense Debuff? Hopefully this list will help solve the problem. It adds together all the combat boosts to find the items ...

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How to Craft Core Gear – Video Guide

Inside Game of War’s first video guide is live. A lot of people have been asking about crafting core gear and I thought a video guide would be the best way to show this. It’s my first ever video so go easy! Check out the video here.

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swine hat

Swine Hat – Gear Review

This is a review of the Swine Hat equipment for Game of War which is part of the Fall 2014 equipment set. For more info on how Inside Game of War reviews gear see here. Or for our full list of reviews see here. Swine Hat Hero Level 50 Item Slot Helmet Type Standard Event Fall 2014 Silver 148,205,250  Fall ...

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Troops Boosts also Boost Traps

Troop Attack and Defense Boost also Affects Traps An interesting find here. Trap attack and defense is affected by your troop attack and defense boost. In other words: Total Trap Attack Boost = Troop Attack Boost + Trap Attack Boost (and something similar for trap defense). This means you should always focus on Troop Attack before focussing on Trap Attack ...

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Gem Data now Online

Gems Stats Online Now Inside Game of War has launched it’s gem boosts section which you can see here.  We are missing a few lvl 6 boosts so if you have any of the the missing info please let me know. There will be a Gem guide to follow in due course.    

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