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Equipment List Updated with Winter 2014 and Xenas Gear

Winter 2014 and Xenas Gear Inside Game of War is completely up to date with the addition of Winter 2014 gear and Xenas Gear. Combined with the recent addition of Fire Age Gear  and Fall 2014, Inside Game of War now has the most up to date list of gear anywhere on the web! Also check out the launch of ...

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Horned Devil Helm – Gear Review

This is a review of the Horned Devil Helm equipment for Game of War which is part of the Winter 2014 equipment set.For more info on how Inside Game of War reviews gear see here. Or for our full list of reviews see here. Horned Devil Helm Hero Level 35 Item Slot Helmet Type Standard Event Winter 2014 Silver 24,875,000 ...

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Unlcoking T4 Troops

T4 vs. T3 vs. T2 vs. T1 – Guide to Troop Tiers

T3 vs. T4 Troops in Game of War There is a general perception that Tier 4 troops are  much stronger than Tier 3.  They are the pinnacle of troop strength in Game of War and a key component to any powerful army. But how much stronger? In my experience most players would guess around 3 x stronger. Well, I have ...

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Hero Presets – Everything You Need to Know

Hero Presets in Game of War Hero Presets is an exciting new feature and one that could significantly change combat in Game of War. Previously, changing hero skills and equipment was a slow, laborious process and certainly not possible in the heat of battle. Unlocking Presets The research for unlocking presets is found part of the way down in the ...

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Treasury Upgrade Trick

Free Lvl. 7 Treasury Trick

How to Get a Free lvl. 7 Treasury in Game of War The lvl. 7 Treasury is great for your economy, it allows you to earn 21k gold per month free of charge. How would you like a free one that actually earns you a little gold in the process? I can’t take credit for this but thought it was ...

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Equipment Gear

Choosing Your Equipment – A Beginner’s Guide to Gear

Equipment Crafting Guide – The Basics There are over 400 pieces of equipment you can craft. How do you decide which ones to build? In this guide I’m going to talk to you through the basics. There is an awful lot of gear to choose from but as you will see, only a few are worth building. Your starting point ...

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Inferno Events

How to Assess Inferno Events

For those of you that religiously keep an eye on Inferno Events like myself, here is a quick guideline to help assess their quality at Stronghold Level 21. The current benchmark for rewards are:   15 Day Speed Ups per 1 Million Points 10k Gold per 1 Million Points   Or some combination of the two. So  for example, the ...

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Guide to Finding Materials

Looking For a Specific Material in Game of War? Where do I find x material? It is a common question in Game of War. The standard materials are the only ones that you can regularly get hold of all year round. Trying to get hold of a specific seasonal or monster material is much harder as we will see. Type ...

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Open All Gifts

Open All Chests Feature Costs … A Lot

With the launch of VIP Prestige MZ are finally about to give us an open all chests feature. This has long been top of my requested features list…until I realised how much it cost. It is unlocked at VIP Prestige Level 12 which requires 2.9 million VIP points.  The best packages currently ofer 100k gold for $100 which means to ...

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VIP Prestige

VIP Prestige is Here

MZ today have launched VIP Prestige – a full set of 12 additional VIP levels to work through after you have reached Standard VIP level 10.  The benefits at high levels are great but are actually worse than normal VIP until you reach Prestige Level 9 so be prepared to work through the early levels quickly. It is also not ...

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