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New Pantheon Levels

Pantheon upgrades to Level 30 One of the newer buildings within your city’s walls, the Pantheon, can now be upgraded to level 30. Using the new Divine Obsidian, you can upgrade to obtain greater troop attack and debuff stats.  Once you reach level 27, you will have access to the use of three deities per march or rally. Keep in mind that with three ...

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Thanatos Cores Released

New Infantry Cores – Thanatos Released today, this new set boasts of, for a full 7 piece set, 9,850% infantry attack along with a 5000% rally attack and 4,100% defence debuff. When this set is levelled up to 100 in your gear workshop, you will gain 50, 000% troop attack and 25,000% legion attack.   You will also see an Infantry ...

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Alchemy Lab Adds New Potion

Ethereal Potion added to Alchemy Lab With an Alchemy lab at level 30, this latest Potion has the potential to boost your stats up to a total of 15,340% in attack. The new Ethereal vial base maxed attack is 1,430% and its fully boosted max is 14,450% troop attack. The seven ingredients you can use, with their accompanying base and max attacks, ...

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New VIP Levels

Raise your VIP level to 45   With the release of the new VIP levels comes the chance to use one click instead of many while building, researching, training and promoting. You will also gain higher stats in troop attack, defence, health and debuffs. VIP 41 allows you to use 10 construction speed ups with one click. It grants your troop attack 15,000%, defence ...

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Ultimate T6 Troops Released

Tier 6 troops/traps have arrived.   Purchasing the Ultimate Troop Manual will upgrade your garrison to unlock these troops in the new Ultimate Combat research tree. All 12 troops and 9 traps have been released in this update. Regular troops – Duelist, Sword Thrower, Knight, War Wagon. Regular Traps – Mounted Ballista, Bear Trap, Hidden Spikes. Strategic troops – Champion, Twin Shot, Armoured ...

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New Training Gear – Imperial General Set

Training gear has been updated. Imperial General Set  is the latest gear to be released for training troops.  It offers a 5000% promotion queue size, 4000% training queue size and 1000% training and promotion speed. Wearing this gear will allow you to train up to T1 troops 2 billion T2 Troops 1.8 billion T3 Troops 1.5 billion T4 Troops 1.3 billion ...

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New Building Released – Mausoleum

Honour your Troops with the Mausoleum You are now able to honour the dead T5 troops, both yours and your enemies, and receive both attack and defence boosts for your future attacks! Once, unlocking this new building with the Mausoleum Foundation, you are able to level it up with both Fallen Shields and T5 Troop Kills. Take advantage of current infernos to help you as ...

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New Attack Maximus Gem Set

Maximus Gem Set has been released, focus on attacking Maximus attack gem set, with a full seven sets added to gear/cores, will add 10,000% Troop Attack, 4,000% Troop Defense Debuff and 3,000% Troop Health Debuff. Below you can find a comparison VS the older gem set (Shredder) TA = Troop Attack, TDD = Troop Defense Debuff, THD = Troop Health ...

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Chimera Gear Set Released

New Defense Gear, Chimera Chimera set defence gear is newly available and its stats will help you boost troop defence 2000%, type defence 3000% along with attack debuff of 1850%. Base set bonus grants the set 1080% troop defence and 760% troop health while the full seven piece set gives 1700% defence and 1240% attack debuff.  Once gear is powered ...

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Mobile Traps Research Released

Your traps are now mobile. The latest research gives you the option to send traps along with your troops to any target you wish to conquer (strongholds, tiles, wonders…). Once you obtain the Unlock Mobile Marches token in a pack, you are ready to begin researching.  Use the inferno events currently running to help gain items as you go along ...

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