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TINSTAAFL and TARDIS – The Economics of Game of War

TINSTAAFL TARDISes and ECONOMICS – OH MY!!!! In the beginning there was Game of War, and it was a relatively simple game where you could go to burn stuff and chat to friends.  It was also a relatively complex social experiment with kingdoms and alliances and taxes and resources and a central currency called Gold. A lot of thought went ...

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Set Bonus Research Now Live

Set Bonus Research is now live and you can view it here: A few stats for you: Total Research Time: 250,000 days (690 years) Total Silver Cost: 13 Billion Total Power Gain: 1.7 Billion And don’t forget about the Research and Building Calculator here.

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Upgrading Your Dungeon – Coming Soon

MZ are soon to release the feature for our dungeons to be upgraded. Building up the % of Dungeon XP the dungeon provides, increasing as you build up through the 21 levels. You will require a new “keystone” to upgrade your dungeon. More screenshots and level requirements to be updated shortly.

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Hero Level 60 – Update

With hero level 60 on its way, we wanted to take a look at the requirements in making it to hero level 60. Assuming MZ doesn’t change the requirements before release a total of 9,500,000,000 hero xp will be required. If all this hero xp was purchased in gold from the store, this will equate to 22,800,000 gold.  That is correct, 22M gold. Unlocking ...

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General’s Set Gear – Training Gear Coming Soon

General’s Set gear is due to land shortly. Based on training speed, this will allow big savings on training time through set boosts. Training troops is arguably the game’s most important aspect so I expect this set to be very popular with many players..

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Hermes Winged Set Gear – Coming Soon

Hermes Winged Set Gear has flown in and will be released shortly. Impressive stats based around March speed, this set will be a must for all wonder battles. With all the speed debuffs released it was only a matter of time before a beefed up March speed set was released. There will always be cores with march speed which may ...

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Hero Level 60 – Sneak Peak

Hero level 60 has been rumoured for the past month or so but today we can confirm its coming. Reaching higher hero levels will allow you to unlock new sets of hero skills which you can see in the screenshots below. To coincide with this there are also some new Hero XP items offering up to 50mil XP in one ...

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New Game Feature – Blind Watchtower

  The Blind Watchtower item has just been released in Beta. Much like the instant execution feature I believe MZ will only release this in gold packs. If you use this item before your Rally marches, you march will be completely hidden from the opponent’s watchtower. Presumably this will mean that not only will they have limited information about the rally, ...

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Ra Core Set – Now Live

Ra (Scorching) Core Set The Ra Core set is a Cavalry Attack set with boosts focussed on cavalry. Check out the Ra Core Set here. Or load it straight into the Core Builder Tool here. The list of secret core recipes has been updated including those from the Ra Core Set. Check it out here:  

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