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The Temple – Coming Soon

A new building “The Temple” was revealed today and should soon be released. The temple will all you to recover a % of troops that have been killed whilst defending your Stronghold. Temple will boost Troop Attack, Troop Health & Rally Attack Debuffs, as well as Rally Attack Bonus “The Temple” requires the “Book Of Life” to upgrade. The RSS ...

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Manticore and Gorgons – Equipment, Cores, Gem and Secret Recipes Update

The site has been brought up to date with all the latest game updates. Gear: There are three new Equipment Sets which you can see here: Manticore Gear Gorgon Gear Prospectors Set Gear The New Upkeep Reduction Helmets The updated list of Best Combat Gear is here. Secret Core Recipes There are a number of new Secret Core Recipes which ...

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Wolf’s Introduction Video

Hey guys. This is my brief introduction video for the channel so make sure to subscribe and leave a comment letting us know what you would like to see in the future!

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Blog Post Announcing Tier 5 Troops Confirmed Fake

There has a been a screenshot circulating around that appears to be announcing the launch of Tier 5 Troops. Well, we can confirm it is fake. It is probably only a matter of time before Tier 5 toops do actually arrive, but this isn’t it.  

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Welcome Wolf to the Team – Incredible Game of War Videos Coming Soon!

We have some great news for you – Wolf, the #1 Game of War video creator on YouTube is joining the Inside Game of War team.  We are incredibly excited about this, Wolf has created hundreds of superb videos for Game of War including, tips and tricks, game play videos and guides. You can check out his channel here: And follow the ...

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A Faster Way To Trade (Tip)

I stumbled across a little tip that could save you a lot of time when transferring RSS to a player. Normally, after you trade with another player your screen defaults back to the world screen. This really slows down the process of transferring resources as you have to go back into the resource help screen to transfer more. For the trick ...

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Update to Research and Building Calculator

The Research and Building Calculator has been updated. You can now choose a starting level and a finish level to see the time and power gain from researching several levels at once. Check out the tool here: Research and Building Calculator

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The Cost Of New Equipment Explored

I saw this post from Stayalive_77 and thought it was an interesting point to explore. From his post it would seem that he is working with MZ to over come some problems with the game. For the new General’s set gear Stay had purchased 50 packs only to receive 2 purple Force tokens, and the complete set requires a total ...

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