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Happy Holidays and Thank You

Just wanted to say a big happy holiday and thank you to all of our followers. You have been incredibly supportive over the last year through the site’s ups (and downs) and we’re looking forward to continuing to improve and develop the site next year. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. – The Inside Game of War ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 23rd Dec

Week 16th Dec to 23rd Dec 13th Dec 2015 – 12 Days of Holidays Gift Bracket Bonus gifts are rewarded. The more your kingdom wins during this bracket, the more athena gifts are rewarded. 17th Dec 2015 – New Boots New set of foot amour is now available for the Colossus Set, Fire Age Autumn Set, Xena’s Defensive Set 2 and ...

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Frostbitten Core Set, Colossus Warrior, Dire Deer – Major Gear Update

A massive equipment update for you this time. We have added the Frostbitten Core Set, Abominable Wear Pole, Dire Dear,  Colossus Warrior plus new Boots and Gems Frostbitten Core Set The Frostbitten core set is a massive new cavalry missile set with huge cavalry attack boosts. Not as strong as Zeus but still a massive new set that is going to do a ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 16th Dec

Week 9th Dec to 16th Dec 8th Dec 2015 – Wonder Dungeon Titles.  The first type of battle / war reward was released to the place getters of the dungeon events. All decent boosts to have when going into the upcoming KVK. 8th Dec 2015 – New Gems Troop Attack, Rally Attack and Enemy rally attack debuff gems were released. Only ...

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New Alliance City Building – The Bazaar

Today we get the first glimpse of the new BAZAAR building. The Bazaar is constructed inside the Alliance City and will allow you to trade in your no longer need items (Materials, Gems, Cores, Pieces) for a new resource – Copper.  Copper will be used to purchase combat boosts. The items you are able to trade, as well as the prices you receive for ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 9th Dec

Week 1st Dec to 8th Dec 3rd Dec 2015 – Super Wonder is announced. From viewings of the SW over the weekend as well as reports from competitors it would appear to be one of Game of War’s largest turn-outs to date. Stayalive77 and his Divine Vengeance alliance fought long and hard and were successful in taking out the Super Wonder ...

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Orion Core Set, Fire Age and More – Huge Update

A huge equipment update for you this time. We have added the Orion Core Set, Fire Age Autumn, Turkey Dragon, Black Friday Accessories and Straggele equipment, cores and recipes. Orion (Astral) Core Set The Orion core set is a split set offering Ranged and Infantry attack boosts with a selection of defensive boosts. Its primary use is as a Wonder Defense ...

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Fire Age Autumn Set VS Colossus Set

The Fire Age Autumn Set has just been released. This new set requires 3 new types of materials as well as some flames from the older sets. At first glance it seems very similar to the Colossus Set. So how does it stack up ? Fire Age Colossus Helm VS Cavalry Attack 181% 110% Strategic Cavalry Attack 181% 110% Cavalry Health ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 2nd Dec

Week 23rd Nov to 1st Dec Welcome to a new weekly update where we recap the week that has been. This past week has been a big week for sales due to the holiday and special event days. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. There were  limited discounted packs during this time, however we are starting to see some of those discounted ...

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Raiding Banks and Bank Traps – Tip

From time to time we are lucky enough to find an Alliance bank (usually billions of resources ) or perhaps a personal player’s bank (usually millions or low billions) with its shield down. Your goal is to drain the resources. Fast. Here is a method to help you do that: Start by porting as close to the bank as possible. Once you are ...

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