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And the #1 Requested Feature Is…….

Today beta testers were the first to get a glimpse at the new features coming our way. The feature to be able expand rally sizes will soon be granted. The additions will be added to the bottom of the existing march tree. In order to unlock the first “New” research you will have to have completed rally reduction 10. All the ...

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Dragon Bone Core Set – Now Live

Dragon Bone Core Set The Dragon Bone Core Set is a massive new Ranged Attack missile with huge Ranged Attack boost. It has a few health boosts but really this is for Ranged attacking only. Check out the Dragon Bone Core Set here. And load it straight into the Core Builder Tool here. Cores: The Dragon Bone cores have been added, ...

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Set Bonus Data Now Live

Check out the Set Bonus Boosts This has been a widely requested featured and we are happy to bring you all the info on Game of War Set Bonuses. You can use this page to see: The different sets of equipment and cores required to make each set The Bonuses for  completing a Base set The Bonuses for completing a Full set ...

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So, after the apparently unscheduled outage of Game of War, the blog has announced that MZ will be implementing the #1 MOST REQUESTED FEATURE. What do you think that #1 MOST REQUESTED FEATURE is? Do you interpret the capitalised and bolded words INCREASE and MARCH and VICTORY to suggest that there will be an increase in the march size allowed? ...

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Gear, Cores and Gems Update – Headless Horseman and Wendigo

Some new updates for you: Gear: The Headless Horseman gear can be seen here. The Wendigo Gear can be seen here The updated list of Best Combat Gear is here. Cores: The Wendigo and Headless Horseman cores have been added, check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool here. Or see all Cores and Pieces here. Gems Three new additions have been added to ...

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Secret Core Recipes – 3 New Filters (Piece, Boost and Item Slot)

Three new filters have been added to the secret core recipe page to help you find the optimum recipes. In addition to the existing filters you can now filter by: Piece Boost Type Item Slot You can view the page here: Secret Core Recipes Note – if this page doesn’t work for you, you can still see the old page here  

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Guide to the Wonder Dungeon and Explorer Dungeon FAQ

We have posted some Frequently Asked Questions about the Explorer Dungeon as well as a guide to the current Wonder Dungeon. We are in the process of adding info about all of the bosses. Please let us know how far you have got and your fastest clear times! You can view the guide to the Wonder Dungeon here. And the Frequently ...

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