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New Ranged Core Set

Rhea Range Core Set MZ’s newest core release is Range based. Full set of Rhea cores has the following stats.. 7000% Ranged Attack 2150% Enemy Health Debuff 2200% Enemy Defense Debuff Powered up will have a Power Bonus of 1512% Ranged Attack and 504% Enemy Defense Debuff. Rhea cores do not offer much more than Styx cores did, in terms ...

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New Banners & 3rd Banner Slot

Equip a 3rd Imperial Banner MZ has released an additional slot for Banners. By upgrading your Imperial Banner Building, you will now be able to run 3 Banners, at one time. With the release of the additional banner slot, comes the release of 3 new banners. Ultimate Power Up Banner Upgrade cores to level 5 or higher, for 840% Troop ...

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Archaeology Hall

New Building Unlocked- Archaeology Hall MZ has released a new building, the Archaeology Hall. This building will give you access to new dig sites, with higher payouts. The Archaeology Hall will also boost your Troop Attack & Troop Health. You will need an Archaeology Hall Deed, to start building. You can only obtain this in packs. You will also need ...

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Jiao Dragon Defense Gear Set

Jiao Dragon Gear Set MZ has released a new defensive set. Level 6 gear, powered up to 10, will give you the following: 1000% Attack 3125% Defense 1200% Health 2550% individual defense 265% March Speed Debuff With a lower troop defense & health than the previous defense set (Glacier King) now focusing on individual stats, a 40% increase on individual ...

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Wild T5 Research is now Live

Wild T5 Research & Data is now live Same as the previous two T5 troop types, you will only need fire shards to complete the research. Total number of shards required to complete the entire tree, is 16.6M without reduction. With inquisitors research should be around 11M shards. You can see the individual costs here.

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Wild T5, 30M rally & 6M solo

Wild T5 Released with increased rally and solo Less than a week after MZ introduced Strategic T5, Wild T5 Troops are available. Same as strategic research, this tree offers rally march increase. Additionally, it also offers solo march increase. Completion of this tree will bring your max solo size to 6M, and your max rally size to 30M. Keeping in ...

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VIP 28, 29, & 30

VIP 28-30 released MZ’s newest release is VIP 28-30. You can see what each different VIP level will get you, below. VIP Level 28: One Click Leveling 700% Troop Attack/Defense/Health Bonus 700% Enemy Attack/Defense/Health Debuff 1.99 T VIP Points needed VIP Level 29: 10% One Click Leveling Discount 1000% Troop Attack/Defense/Health Bonus 1000% Enemy Attack/Defense/Health Debuff 7.99 T VIP Points ...

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Butcher Attack Gem Set

New Attack Gem Set MZ has introduced yet another new, gem set. The Butcher Attack Gem Set offers more attack and defense debuff, than its New Years predecessor. A full set of level 6 gems, will offer: 2500% Troop Attack 1900% Troop Defense Debuff 425% Enemy Troop Health Debuff Upon its release, the Butcher Gem Set was only available, by ...

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New Wonder Core Set

Nian Core Set A new, more powerful, wonder Core Set has been released. This set offers more, Health, Defense, and Attack, than our previous wonder set. A full set of Nian Cores, will give you: 5500% Health 4500% Defense 3000%+ Attack Power up in the gear Workshop, to receive full power bonus of: 2450% Troop Health 252% Enemy Attack Debuff ...

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New Frostfire Vial and Ingredients

New Vials and Ingredients MZ has just released a new, stronger, attack potion. The Frostfire Attack Potion, puts up 2171% Troop Attack, 186% Defense Debuff, and 547% Health Debuff. Crafting it the way they suggest it, however, it doesn’t have any extra benefits yet or secret bonus yet. Current packs are offering this Frostfire Attack Potion, as a bundle. Meaning, you get ...

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