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VIP 100

Your Hero is a Very Important Person at 100 VIP levels have just doubled and new benefits added as you raise your levels in VIP.  Currently, the benefits of obtaining level 60 are what will be focused on and higher levels will be added at a later date. Level 60 will bring you 15.5B% rally/wonder health & defence 6.25B% rally/wonder ...

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Make your Weapons Flawless With New Runes

Mythic Flawless Runes are released. Weapons have a new adornment to wear.  The new runes can help you achieve 800M% trap attack, 600M% attack, 200M% wonder/rally attack, 1.3M% defence debuff, 1.2M% defence and a whopping 1.5B% wonder/rally health & trap health. The individual statistics for each of the new runes, at level 6, tree: Mythic Flawless Smouldering Fire Rune 375M% rally/wonder ...

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Troop Gear Leveling

Gear gets new Boosts Head to your barracks and click on the new heading Troop Gear to begin the process of adding stats to your gear and troops. Using the new item Lustrous Spinel, you may add them to several categories – Troop Weaponry, Rally Weaponry, Debuff Weaponry, Troop Armour, Specialised Armour, Attack Debuff Armour, Wonder Supplies, Encampment Supplies and Trap Supplies.  ...

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New Mythical Gem Set

Mythical Liberator Gem Set A new set of gems to enhance your power has just been released. Combined with a fully researched Gem Set Bonus tree, you will see benefits of 800M% wonder/rally health      400M% troop attack 200,000% legion defence and empire defence debuff The gems themselves have their own stat boosting attributes.  The following boosts come from ...

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Research Sockets

New way to use your gems just released. Athena has sent you the Research Sockets Codex in a mail today and it opens up the ability to add mythical gems to your research  trees.  For those with stronghold level 24 and up, within your academy at the top of the research trees is where you will click to begin adding the ...

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More Power…for your Gear

Gear becomes even more powerful. Your rallies will pack an even bigger punch once you are able to level up your cores and gear in the Gear Workshop. Cores can now reach level 200 and normal set gear go up to 100. Using the new Royal Protection Charm, your defence gear sets (I.e. Valiant knight) can gain 100,000% troop defence/health 250,000% empire/legion ...

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New Banners

Mix and Match to find your perfect combination of banners. Eight new banners have been released and they offer a wide variety of boosts to help tailor to your stronghold’s needs and activities. The new banners with their benefits are: Ultimate Attack 1 day ultimate execution resurrection reduction 50,000% troop defence debuff 100M% troop attack 150M% rally health & wonder ...

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Hero Level 100

Happy Birthday to your Hero! Enjoy your hero’s 100th birthday with a healthy dose of fire and mayhem as he/she smashes all enemies around them.  The benefits to levelling up your hero are extensive. Once maxed, boosts you will gain include: 100,000% troop/type/legion, empire troop defence 50M% wonder holding/empire defending attack debuff 50M% troop/type/legion/rally/battle mark/onslaught attack 50,000% troop health/defence on ...

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New Defence Gear

The Valiant Knight Defence set gear. To help combat the recent boosting of attack stats, a new gear set has been released.  With a max set bonus, you will gain 17.5M% attack, 100M% empire defending attack debuff, 50,000% in type/troop/;legion defence and 100M% in additional attack debuff from the level 25 powered up set. A 5 piece set bonus adds ...

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