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New Building Released – Mausoleum

Honour your Troops with the Mausoleum You are now able to honour the dead T5 troops, both yours and your enemies, and receive both attack and defence boosts for your future attacks! Once, unlocking this new building with the Mausoleum Foundation, you are able to level it up with both Fallen Shields and T5 Troop Kills. Take advantage of current infernos to help you as ...

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New Attack Maximus Gem Set

Maximus Gem Set has been released, focus on attacking Maximus attack gem set, with a full seven sets added to gear/cores, will add 10,000% Troop Attack, 4,000% Troop Defense Debuff and 3,000% Troop Health Debuff. Below you can find a comparison VS the older gem set (Shredder) TA = Troop Attack, TDD = Troop Defense Debuff, THD = Troop Health ...

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Chimera Gear Set Released

New Defense Gear, Chimera Chimera set defence gear is newly available and its stats will help you boost troop defence 2000%, type defence 3000% along with attack debuff of 1850%. Base set bonus grants the set 1080% troop defence and 760% troop health while the full seven piece set gives 1700% defence and 1240% attack debuff.  Once gear is powered ...

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Mobile Traps Research Released

Your traps are now mobile. The latest research gives you the option to send traps along with your troops to any target you wish to conquer (strongholds, tiles, wonders…). Once you obtain the Unlock Mobile Marches token in a pack, you are ready to begin researching.  Use the inferno events currently running to help gain items as you go along ...

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Gear Set Level Requirements & Tool

We have created a new Get Sear Level Tool! You can choose your current gear set level, the gear set level you’re aiming for and your current charms, and it will math up how many charms you need. You can access it here The requirements individually are below. Level Charms Level Charms Level Charms 10  950 41  387,000 72 1,232,000 ...

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VIP 36-40 with Instant Hero Preset

5 additional levels of VIP released A month later, MZ has released higher VIP levels. This next release features Instant Hero Preset, when core crafting, once you reach VIP 38. You will also get increased Attack, Defense Debuff, and Wonder stats. VIP 36 3600% Rally Attack/Wonder Attack 10600% Rally Defense/Health 10600% Wonder Defense/Health 4375% Troop Attack 3750% Defense/Health 3750% Enemy ...

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New Wonder Cores & Health Gem Set

Helios Wonder Cores & Bravery Health Gems To coincide with the Super Wonder announcement, MZ are rolling out a new Wonder Core Set, and Gem Set to go with it. Helios Core Set base stats are: 5500% Troop Health 4600% Troop Attack 4500% Troop Defense 5500% Rally/Wonder Health 4500% Rally/Wonder Defense Use the Gear Workshop to power up cores, for ...

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Set Gear Leveling

Level up your Set Gear MZ has added a new feature, to the Gear Workshop. Once you have purchased the Unlock Set Gear Leveling, you will have access to level up your Regular and Core, set gear. Set Gear Leveling, is basically the same concept, as leveling up your hero. You will need to have Set Gear XP, and depending ...

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New Potion Set Released

Magical Equinox Potion Set MZ has finally released a new potion set for the Alchemy Lab. This new potion has increased Attack, Health, and Defense stats. Using the recipe that MZ posted in the blog you will receive: 2300% Attack 1800% Health 700% Defense 400% Attack Debuff 400% Health Debuff 99% Defense Debuff With a fully upgraded Alchemy Lab, the ...

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New Hero Levels 76-80

New Hero Levels with powerful rewards. New Hero Levels has been released as expected in our premium room. Doing the events, you can get up to hero 78 with 3 packs. Check the table below for requirements and benefits, such as embassy defense blessing, which may change the reins power once again. Hero Level Requirements Benefits Level 76 200,000 2,000% ...

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