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World Boss Monsters – A Guide

The additional World Boss Monster Research has been out for two or three months now, but completing it is no easy task. As more people inch closer to unlocking the level 7 World Boss monsters, there are still a lot of questions coming from those who are yet to experience the World Boss and the events/prizes they bring. Initially, those who raced ...

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Gear Update – Woodland Minotaur, Mythic Destroyer, Bugbear

Mythic Destroyer, Woodland Minotaur, Bugbear Gear, Cores and Pieces Now Live Gear: Woodland Minotaur Bugbear Mythic Destroyer Also check out the updated Best Combat Gear Cores: The Woodland Minotaur and Bugbear cores have been added, check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool here. Or see all Cores and Pieces here. Also test out new builds in the Core Builder ...

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Ares Core Set – Now Live

Ares Core Set and Secret Recipes are Now Live The Ares core set has just been released and is now live on the site. You can check out all the recipes, boosts and get a complete item list from the Ares Core Set page here. Or load it straight into the Core Builder so you can get customizing with different gem combos. ...

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Mythic Destroyer – Set Gear for Wealthy Monster Hunters

Mythic Destroyer Set Gear There is one player demographic in particular that is very well catered for. The Mythic Destroyer set gear is an excellent example of the highest spending demographic getting something new that they wanted, and in a timely fashion (Who can blame them? It’s good for business). When the Dark Hunter set gear was released not even a ...

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A Big Hit, from a Little Guy……Make Sure You Watch the Nerf Limit!

A Big Hit, from a Little Guy……Make sure You Watch the Nerf Limit! In anticipation of Poseidon, a previously smaller rally trap that goes by the name of xBiTCHFACEx in the alliance PzK from #440 recently grew her account to well over seven billion power. She did this with some research, but mostly with an even spread of t2-t4 that took her very close ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 17th May, Royal Prison, Bugbear, Map Toggles

Week 10th May – 17th May 2016 May 10th, 2016 – Royal Alliance Prison An Alliance City version of the Prison has been released, called the Royal Prison. We appear to be inching ever closer to the release of Alliance City warfare. The Royal Prison requires the new Heavy Lock to be built and upgraded. These are available through the Bazaar, Alliance ...

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Research Update – Wild Traps, Strategic & Wild Siege

Wild Traps and Strategic & Wild Siege Research Tress Updated All the research on the site has been brought up to date. All the data for the two new research trees can be found here: Wild Wall Traps Strategic & Wild Siege And don’t forget about the Research & Building Calculator to plan your research. A few stats for you: ...

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