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Research Update – Hero Tree Additions Now Live

The Latest Monster Research from the Hero Tree is now live. Check it out in the Hero Tree here. And see the research and building calculator here. A few stats about the new research: Total Research Time: 7,100 days Total Power Gain: 9.7 bil Total Silver Cost: 290 bil  

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Gear Update – Imperial Dragon Set Gear, Water Dragon and Lots of New Gems

We have added the new defense orientated Imperial Dragon Set Gear, the Water Dragon and Great Heron Gear and Cores as well as 6 new gems. Gear: Water Dragon Imperial Dragon Great Heron Also check out the updated Best Combat Gear Cores: The Water Dragon cores have been added, check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool and in  all ...

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The Zeroing of KSA – Former Super Wonder Contender is No More

Another 55 Bil Power Player Zeroed Just over a week ago, the account of former super wonder regular K S A was zeroed in k252. K S A apparently left the game approximately a year ago, based on having VIP 12, the Xena’s Balanced Set II gear with the gold outline of the full set bonus, a level 50 hero at the ...

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Raiding Banks – Tip (PART 2)

After my first post on raiding banks which can be found here, I would get asked, “How do you click on the stronghold when there are a lot of players raiding the same bank from every angle?” quite regularly. If you have not had the pleasure of raiding a bank, it can be very hard to click on the stronghold ...

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New Core Set Pages

All the Info on Core Sets in One Place We are pleased to announce that the new core set pages are now live. These pages pull together all the info about core sets into one place including: Total Boosts (filterable by Troop Type, Secret and Set) All the Recipes required to build the set A Shopping List of all the Cores ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 23rd Feb

Week 17th Feb to 23rd Feb 2016 Quick note on the Inside Game of War Monster Madness competition: Places are filling up fast so if you are keen to enter, check out the entry page here. 18th Feb 2016 – More Building Plots Unlocked Additional urban and rural plots were added today, meaning a total of 16 additional plots are now ...

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Zeus Core Set – Now Live

The Zeus Core set was released today along with 5 new Secret Core Recipes. The set provides a heavy bonus for Infantry Attack (2,500%) along with sizeable, balanced boosts for Defense, Defense, Debuff, Attack Debuff and Troop Health (all around 500%). The Zeus set is an Infantry Missile set and we will start to see record damage coming out of ...

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Level 25 Buildings Preview

Over in Game of War beta we have now seen the release of level 23 buildings. In addition to the ability to construct the level 23 buildings, we can now also see stats up to level 25. The boosts they confer upon completion can be quite significant as you can see below. Some buildings now require both Hammers as well as ...

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iGoW Monster Madness Competition

       Inside Game Of War will be bringing a first of its kind competition into Game of War. A mid-week 24-hour competition for all the monster slayers out there. Don’t miss out on registering for the very first event. 325,000 Gold worth of prizes up for grabs (gifted in the form of in-game items). For further details and registration click the ...

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55 Billion Power Player Zeroed

We’re trying something new at iGoW. These screenshots and details were submitted by one of our readers that is a member of DV, and I’ve got to say, they’re pretty terrifying. People always say things to the extent of, “Anyone can be zeroed,” “It’s always safer to shield overnight,” and so on. But when we say anyone, we don’t actually mean ...

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