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New Building Upgrades

Add some extra punch to your rallies with upgraded building boosts Five buildings have just received their renovation licences and are eligible for upgrades.  You will gain a combat boost from these buildings as well as increased payouts/benefits. Speed Up Treasury – requires ancient clasps to upgrade.  At level 35, it will grant you 2,500,000,000% legion defence debuff. Treasury – requires gold ...

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All New – Eight Banners and Four Runes

More choices for Banners and Runes now available. The eight new banners (at level 6) with their boosts are: Subjugator with your hero present 7,500,000,000% gathering troop health & encampment raiding troop health 400,000,000% enemy type defense debuff, enemy troop defense debuff & legion defense debuff Ambush 7,500,000,000% wonder holding troop health & rally health 4,000,000,000%  wonder holding/rally mobile trap attack ...

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Upgrade your Economic Research Tree

Put on your Research gear and finish the newly updated Economic Research Tree. Amidst the various benefits from doing this latest research is the chance to gather from tiles all the new resources (cane, enamel, salt, olives and bonds) to help you train the T7 troops and traps as well as the  T7 researches.  Earth shards are used for these ...

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Cavalry Cores to Stun your Enemies

Hypnos Core Set boosts the power of Cavalry Troops Your horses will shock your enemies into a stunned silence with boosts of 1 Billion% cavalry & troop attack, 3 Billion% rally attack and 5 Billion% cavalry & rally attack vs empire, to name just a few benefits from this latest core set. To create this set you will need the ...

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Cause Catastrophe Amongst Your Enemies!

Catastrophic Elixir is the new Potion in the Lab. Another potion that you can customize to suit your needs as a defender or attacker has been released in your Alchemy Lab. Using 6 of the 8 new ingredients alongside a fully skilled hero, you could achieve  stats of Attack 4B% trap 3B% rally/wonder 2B% troop 700M% legion Defence 75M% empire 25M% ...

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Put a Ring on It

New Accessory – Athena’s Ring Athena has released her own accessory to help your stronghold win the war.   Your hero will also take on a red hue while wearing this/these ring(s). Using power seals to power up to level 25,  each ring will give you 33B% rally/wonder/tile health             17B% attack 300M% defence debuff ...

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Hero Levels up to 110

Raise your Hero to a greater level. A Hero who is at level 110 will gain the following boosts/stats: 275M% type defence 250M% legion and empire defence 225M% troop defence 100B% rally/wonder health, rally/wonder trap health 50B% mobile trap attack 15B% rally/wonder attack 10B% troop/type/legion attack 12.5M% troop/type/legion/empire defence debuff Heroic Rings are needed to raise your hero above level ...

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Become your Enemy’s Nemesis

New Defence gear – Nemesis Lord Help yourself combat the many attack boosts with this latest set of defence gear. Its boosts include: 100M% type attack & empire defending attack debuff 10M% troop health 8M% troop defence 6M% type and legion defence Set bonuses add a further 20M% empire defending attack debuff & 5M% troop defence for the base set ...

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Mythical Liberator Gems Made More Powerful

Combine the Liberator gems to higher levels. Use the combine button in your forge to raise your Mythical Liberator gems to level 10.  At the max level, you will gain 9.6B% wonder/rally attack, 4.8B% troop attack, 3.5M% defence and 2.4M% empire defence debuff. Embed these level 10 gems in your gear and enjoy the bonfires you’ll create within your enemies’ ...

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The Supreme T7 Troops/Traps have arrived

Get ready to defend your empire from the Supreme Troops. Twelve new troops and nine new traps have just been opened to help you burn your enemies. The troops are, in order from regular/strategic/wild, Infantry – Ares’ Champion/Halberdier/Thunderer Ranged – Bladeslinger/Javelineer/Dart Blower Cavalry – Heavy Cavalry/Winged Hussar/Warthogs Siege – Siege Engine/Wall Crusher/Plague Catapult The traps are (R/S/W) Vs Ranged – Lava Geyser/Drawbridge/Poison Trap Vs Cavalry – Ambusher/False ...

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