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Interview with GOW’s newest Emperor- 1LIONHEART

Congratulations to 1LIONHEART on becoming emperor! After one insane, and pretty close Super Wonder, we had the honor to interview our newest emperor, 1 LIONHEART. How long have you been playing GOW? I have been playing game of war for three years, since the beginning. Anything in particular, that made you decide to start playing? I was searching for a ...

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Game of War, Weekly Roundup November 14th

November 14th – November 20th November 16th Aura Core Set & Arrowstar Gem Set The Aura Core Set is the newest ranged, set. Troop attack, DD, & HD are huge on this set, over 15,000 total attack and 3,100 defense debuff(equipped and boosted with 300%). Same as Perses did, it also includes siege DD. With this core set, they also ...

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First Alliance to 1T Kills! (TIT)

TIT is the first alliance with 1T kills. In a complex game with so many facets to master, the Super Wonder is GOW’s most recognizable event. Ask anyone who the last emperor was, that was crowned, and they will most likely know the answer. It’s easy to forgot about the “other” things that go on, the other four weeks of ...

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Cores and Pieces Page – New Features

Updated Cores and Pieces Tool The Cores and Pieces tool has been updated with a load of new features: Filter by Boost (no more scrolling through hundreds of boosts) View Cores and Pieces by Set and Event Faster to Load Mobile Friendly Hopefully you enjoy the updated tool and please let us know any feedback. Check it out here. Note, ...

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Advanced Economics Research

Grow stronger, with this newest Economics Tree. Update: All the research data is live here. And check out the updated research and building tool here. No surprise, 24 hours before Super Wonder qualifying starts, MZ has released another new research tree. This one comes with some incredible advantages. Troops bonuses, additional altar boosts, research quicker, and more. Also, unlock the ability, ...

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Daily Bonus Club Renewal

Powerful change awaits when renewing your DBC! If you are a VIP Member (who isn’t), and a DBC member, you will now be receiving additional bonuses. Troop attack, Troop Defense, and Troop Health, will all receive an additional 50% boost. If you are VIP 26, that will bring these boosts to 400%! Daily Bonus has already been rewarding us with ...

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The Black Market

The Black Market has opened, for Bonus Club Members. Yesterday MZ released its newest building. In order to start using this newest feature, you must purchase a pack, that will give you the Black Market Seal. Once you are in, you will need to have Black Market Tokens to make purchases. Currently, the unlock pack comes with 20K tokens. The ...

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Super Wonder, with a twist!

Super Wonder is coming, but not like we remember it. After one of the most exciting Super Wonders last month the Kingdom of Fire will open, but not before a qualifying round. Two weeks ago MZ announced they would be making changes this time around, and they weren’t lying. For the first time ever, there will be a qualifying round ...

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New, Biggest burn record, hero in prison- 1.2T

1.2T player, with hero in prison, has burned. Dangerzone66 from raGe, is at it again! This time, burning a 1.2T player, while his hero was in prison. Roma had 31B troops when he was hit. The rally, which was led with l5 boosted Artemis, killed a little over 15M troops. 8M march, boosted cores, and level 70 hero, took a ...

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New Wonder Set- Atlas Cores

MZ has released yet another new wonder set, Atlas cores. This set will make you more powerful defending the wonder, as it is a bit stronger, than Lady Justice was. With all the free sets of Lady Justice that MZ has been giving out, it’s no surprise it already has a replacement. Stats with gems, hero 70, and boosted to ...

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