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Behemoth Monster Mastery Research

Level 8, Behemoth Monsters & Gear New research is available under the Hero Tree. Level 8 Behemoth monsters are released, and the only way to kill them, is to unlock the Behemoth Monster Mastery Research. This research will also unlock more than 4000% Combat Stats. Killing Behemoth Monsters will drop chests, that will give boosts to not only you, but also ...

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12 Days of December Event

December Holiday Team Event MZ has created yet another, choose your team event. This time, we are to choose a snowman…gold, red, or green. Last night everyone received an email, from Athena, with their 12 Days of December emblem. After checking your mail, go to your items, and select your team. This is exactly the same process, as the Tournament ...

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Alchemy Lab, 26

Build your Alchemy, to 26 The latest MZ building release is for Alchemy Lab 25 & 26. Upgrading to 25 will boost your potion range from 200% to 300% and building to 26, will boost your potion range from 300% to 600%. It will also add Potion Craft Luck. Alchemy 25 Potions will be boosted to 300% and Craft Luck ...

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Gear Workshop Level 26

Build your Workshop to level 26 The latest MZ building release is for Gear Workshop 25 & 26. Upgrading to 25 will allow you to boost cores to 6, and building to 26, will give you level 7 cores. To upgrade these buildings you will need Stone Columns and Booming Power Jewels (currently only found in packs). No rss or ...

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Burning Stronghold

Game of War Leaderboard

GOW Leaderboards for rallies/solos/kills We are constantly posting updates when there is a record broken, i.e. nerf hit, largest zero, who has the most kills. This new feature is going to allow you to see, the leaders, in many different categories. There will be a spot for biggest burn, biggest zero, biggest nerf (solo & rally) It will also feature ...

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Nerf Calculator Updated

Update to Nerf Calculator The nerf calculator has been updated to track siege separately.  Siege units have a different power to other troops so affect the nerf calculation differently. I think a few users were finding some slightly off results because of this. This should no longer be a problem with the inclusion of separate fields to track Siege units. Check out ...

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Imperial Banner Use

How to use Imperial Banners There still seems to be quite a few questions, regarding Banners. You do not need to have multiple level 6 Banners, of the same type. Once you have a level 6, it stays in your inventory, and does NOT disappear once the timer expires. It also does not matter how many level 6 Banners you ...

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New, Biggest, Heroless burn record- 2.4T

KissMyCores from ~Ct, has broken the heroless record. SH had 61B troops when he was hit. Rally was lead with 11M march, Black Friday Aura boosted to L5, and a potion. Hero in prison lead to 30M troops killed. Also notable, with the same set of cores KissMyCores burned a 211B, in Sola. Wolfstein77 had 8.2B troops when he was ...

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Building Boosts Updated

Building Boosts Constantly updated, we are adding a “credits” section at the end of the post for those who helps providing a picture with a better boost.

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Stronghold level 25 & 26

MZ drops SH 25 & 26 on Thanksgiving The much anticipated release of stronghold 25 is here. With it, also comes the release of stronghold 26! Upgrading these buildings no longer requires master hammers. You will now need stone columns. To go from SH 24, to SH 25, it will cost you 95K columns. The upgrades also do not require ...

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