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Oracle Set Gear – A Review


I bet a lot of you saw this coming. With the release of lv.14 and lv.15 of the March tree, the research times/costs have been comically out of hand, so a new set of research gear is not much of a surprise. It doesn’t come cheap – to complete the new Oracle set of research gear it’ll cost you $700. (Which assumes you bought the full series of unlock sales, as each contained a piece of the set).

The extraordinarily rare material needed in large quantities for this set is the Sunborne Feather, and the silver costs are on par or even slightly higher than other recent gear sets.

The Base 5 Piece Set Bonus consists of Research Resource Cost Reduction, and the Full 7 Piece Set Bonus consists of Research Speed (seen below). Skilling one’s hero for the Base Set Bonus as well as the Full Set Bonus will be a no-brainer as Research Resource Cost reduction is very helpful at the upper levels of research, which is the demographic this set is catering to. I’ve heard the secret set bonuses are very similar to the secret bonuses for the Chancellor’s set (Troop Load, Increased RSS March Capacity, etc.), but I have yet to confirm this.





Research Speed – 77%

Upkeep Reduction – 75%


Research Speed – 75%


Research Speed – 50%


Research Speed – 54%


Research Speed – 60%


When we add up the research speed boosts on the gear alone we get 436%, which is a considerable improvement over the Chancellor’s Set, which comes in at 292%. The Chancellor’s Set was itself a massive improvement over the older Magister Set, so the Oracle set is just a continuation of the trend (release a gear set, then one-up it some indeterminate amount of time later, thus rendering the previous gear set ‘obsolete’ even if the previous gear set is perfectly fine). Also in keeping with this trend, you can expect the Oracle set to get considerably cheaper over time, like all brand new gear sets. The bottom line: the Oracle set gear is the new best set of research gear available, for a price.

If you’ve finished the set already, leave us a comment to let us know what the full research boost is taking your hero, gems, and the set bonus(es) into account.


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  1. Funny, I finished all research before completing set. Now I have set…lol

  2. I have the oracle set and get about 750% total research speed and that’s with the scholar gem in every piece at level 6 and the wisdom gem in every piece at level 6 , plus the special bonuses are the same, just higher percentages. All in all its a big improvement over chancellor

  3. With Academy 23, 7 of each of the 3 gems, 2.5% from alliance city, and the extra 75% boost you get 851.75%. If you could get lucky enough to receive your kingdom scholar title, the 10% boost from the wonder war store, and the kingdom and empire titles from the SW you could get that up to 896.75%. Not sure about the new research hero blessing, but I’ve heard that can be up to another 100% for a grand total of 996.25%.

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