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Optimum Attacking – Is a Balanced Army Best?

Optimum Attacking - Balanced Army

Should I attack with a balanced army or just one troop type?

MZ created a rock, paper, scissors combat system to add tactical depth to the game. Rock bashes scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper wraps rock. Or does it?

It was a system designed to make you think about your army composition and respond to your opponent’s decisions. Except there is no need to:

Attacking with 1 Troop Type is Nearly Always Better

So there it is, just attack with 1 troop type. There are of course situations where this doesn’t apply (attacking mono-infantry into mono-ranged is always a terrible idea). But the fact of the matter is nearly everyone defends with a balanced army. It’s hard not to unless you have only built 1 type of troop.

Going into more detail, the two important scenarios to look at are:

  1. Balanced Army vs. Balanced Army
  2. Mono Army vs. Balanced Army

Note, these scenarios all use strategic troops as they are (marginally) better

Balanced vs. Balanced

  Troops Losses
You – Balanced 250k 22k
Opponent – Balanced 250k 22k


26k casualties each. Now you switch out your balanced army for a mono one.

Mono vs. Balanced

  Troops Losses
You – Mono
250k 22k
Opponent – Balanced 250k 27k


You have killed an extra 23% of their troops without losing any more of your own.

As it stands, considering everyone defends with balanced armies, this is a very simple and dominant strategy – there are currently very few reasons to do anything other than attack with a single troop type. Especially when you consider how much easier it is to focus your equipment and gems on boosting one single troop type.

That said, whilst this perhaps shuts down one tactical door, it opens another. That of optimum defending. If someone send a 2m rally of infantry should you dump all your non-ranged troops at the last moment? Or perhaps you only ever build one or two troop types and make heavy use of anti-scout?

Optimum Defending – should I defend with all my troops? Guide to follow. Watch this space.

Also, as a side note, getting into the realm of mono vs mono armies makes standard troops useful again. Perhaps this is the tactical nuance MZ always intended and we are only just discovering it.

Now for some questions

Which Troop Type Should I use?

  • Scout your opponent and attack with the troop type that mirrors their dominant troop type
  • Failing that attack with the troop you have the strongest boosts for
  • Otherwise: cavalry is faster, infantry carry more resources home, ranged is in the middle.

 My opponent has anti-scout on, what if he is defending with one troop type?

Guessing and getting it wrong is very bad for you. Particularly with Strategic Troops (this is the one area where regular troops are better). Currently, it is unlikely your opponent will be defending with mono-troops but If in doubt, attacking with a balanced army is the safe option.


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  1. Profile photo of gita

    the nerf affect is 15mil t2 for every 1mil t4. so 100 mil t4 (mixed) with strats would need less than 1.2 billion t2 to avoid the nerf, correct? also for a player interested primarily in participating in rallies and occasional solo attacks but also wishes to have a stellar defense against solo and rally attacks, whats best set gear IYO? thanks.

  2. Im level 21 with tier 4 Regular troops (Im a defensive play). question is about siege units. do I first attack city (fortified with traps) with my best siege units or my lowest or a mixture of all siege units.

  3. Any info on largest solo attacks ?

  4. What about mono strategic against balanced regular? BTW, great article…as usual.

    • Profile photo of Slaggy

      Hi, strategic troops will get a moderate damage boost over regular troops.

      • But, strategic vulnerable to two troop types whereas regular only vulnerable to one. So, wondering if balanced regular will defend better against mono attack. have not seen test data on this scenario. Might be interesting scenario to test…

      • To clarify, do you mean mono still wins, just wins by less than when fighting balanced strat enemy? In other words, is balanced regular or balanced strat better?

      • Profile photo of Slaggy

        Hi, assuming you are defending with an even mix of troops (you probably should be) then having strategic troops is always better.

  5. Assuming someone had 1 million infantry , 3 million ranged and 2 million calvary, By mirror do you mean send same troop type as the biggest? In this case ranged, or better to go calvarly to hit the biggest kills ?

  6. One troop type with boosts focused to that type is best. However, you would need to own gear specified for each opposing troop type in order to be effective because as you kill all the opponents troops that are weakest to what you are using, you would need to change to a different troop type or you would fighting at a disadvantage and would end up loosing more troops. Am I correct?

  7. What about siege troops?

  8. are you stil planning to post the optimum defending article?

  9. For someone with only regular troops (mostly t4) is it still best to attack with one type of troop? I’m assuming the answer is yes, if your hero gear, gem boosts (research being equal) are equipped to that troop type. …Another question I have aren’t “Attack boosts” better than a boost to a particular troop type (e.g. Calvary) because it benefits your whole army (all troops) rather than just one? This question comes up for me during forging. Thanks! Great info!

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