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The Nicest Man Still Playing – Golfball1

An interview with a very humble yet highly effective player in GOW.

Recently, we had the privilege to grab some of this man’s time currently holding the second highest in kills and known by being the nicest and the most humble guy still playing, Golfball1.

What drew you to playing Game of War?

         Like most gentlemen who enjoy the thrill of strategy games, it was Kate Upton 🙂

You’ve been playing for how long now?

I have been playing actively for more than 2.5 years and still continue to be amazed at the constant opportunity to learn new aspects within the game – even from non-new releases. The continuous learning is certainly one of the game’s great addictions.

Were you involved in any previous games? And did they hold your attention as long as Game of War has?

Ironically, I wasn’t much of a gamer by APP certainly.  I did have Playstation games which was perfectly aligned with my technical aptitude…insert game and play!

For you, what is the aspect to this game that keeps you playing?

So many aspects of the game provide enjoyment such as the learning and experimentation but, far and away, the biggest factor is the incredible and unique people I have met along the way.  The ability to interact globally and make “”virtual bonds”” is something every player would list as one of the strongest retention factors. These bonds become more than virtual and it all starts with the Teamwork and collaboration you must partake in to enjoy the game’s better aspects. It takes multiple people to rally, to reinforce, to spot etc… these roles build trust and, certainly a few laughs, that evolve into some wonderful relationships I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to have.  It’s a long answer but, in reality, it’s the PEOPLE that keeps so many of us attached for as long as we have been playing.

Do you set milestones for yourself within the game?

There are many different TYPES of players and each one has their own set of metrics they aspire to achieve. For me, it’s always been about the science, matching wits with our over priced pixels and winning some and losing some. Kills weren’t that important to me but many use that as a valid metric and we all have some desire to track it. The milestones I set are genuinely more oriented towards ensuring we have some laughs and always sharing any knowledge I may have that can help. Not easily quantifiable by a number, but as much fun as I have in the game, I am sure I am somewhere on that leaderboard.

Any favourite memories/rallies/solos that you’d care to share with us?

Wow, so many.. from playing SW with two devices to fill and retrieving the wrong March leaving my hero in to be captured to early days when I  would rally heroless because My hero was captured far too often but to not try wasn’t acceptable… my most memorable times would definitely be with my mates (all know who they are) spending hours on the phone during SW deciding who we were going to cap next. The coordination, the communication and the antics beyond all of those rallies and solos are priceless and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

In preparing for this article, I talked to a few who know you and was able to get a quote from one.  Care to respond to it?

Uh oh….

Golf is honestly one of the kindest and most humble person I have met throughout my life. He and Bus are the two I have the utmost respect for and nothing could ever change that. Unlike most big players throughout the game, Golf actually avoids publicity and purely just tries to have fun with those around him. A fine example of his modesty is that these days, people know Ctesse as having multiple accounts, but they don’t know that Golfball actually used to maintain 7+ accounts prior to her being acknowledged for it. There are very few things or people that get Golf worked up and to this day, I have never seen him go out of his way to showboat anything. –  Aj

Wow. That’s very very nice….

Is it surprising to you that you’re held in such high esteem?

 I was fortunate to grow up with a very strict and fair father. A great man and even better friend. He reiterated to me often….
“Son, arrogance will lead to success, but HUMILITY will lead to greatness…. you WILL be great!”
 It’s stuck with me and served me well. In the end it’s a game and I always wanted to play in a virtual world but be the same person you would share a beer with in the REAL world

 You have a self-deprecating sense of humor and I know that can sometimes hide feelings of unworth but with you, it seems to just be how you are. You are you and you’re happy with that and feel no need to take down others in order to get ahead in life.  Does that sound like it fits you?

 I appreciate that and certainly hope that remains the case.. it’s easy to get confused as some over compensating fool with more money than sense running around in these expensive toys… but the people who really know me, know that’s not my style. Someone worked hard on their 3 tril trap just as someone worked hard on their 200 tril account (soon to be a trap with these releases). I just choose to not allow my ego to interfere with the opportunity to meet folks and have some fun on a game that despite its many faults, is a great time with friends

Any desire to get that big crown?

 Lol… I have relished the supporting roles of so many and that’s what I appreciate the most. To be part of a winning team is much more too me than an individual title.

 I know you’re a busy man and eager to get back to porting and killing ;), but any last words you’re like to share? Shoutouts ?

As always I would shout out to the Fam…thanks to all of them for tolerating and teaching me and they know who they are… thanks to the many great folks who released my wayward hero and took the time to drop a constructive note. And a big shout out to the players that still approach it as a game… these players are the ones that make the competition enjoyable and always keep me coming back for more. RALLY UP!!!

Special thanks to Golfball1 for his time for his time. It reminds us that we are hooked in the game because of the people we meet that easily becomes your family, and makes everything more fun.

If you have any suggestions for our next interview , please let us know in the comments below!


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