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Troop Gear Research

Warrior, there is never any time to rest. You must ensure that every ounce of strength you have is devoted to the cause. Do you have all that you might need to shed the most blood in the Savage Kill Event? You must hurry to prepare because the fight is imminent and there is little time. The only way to ...

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Ring in 2018 with the New Year Avatar Collection Event

Warrior, prepare yourself for battle. As the New Year begins you must be ready to show your War face and fight for all that you believe in. Make it clear to your enemies how much you have learned in the past year be participating in the New Year’s Avatar Collection Event. Every day will bring different objectives for you to ...

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Game of War

Where will you be when this world ends and the next Fire Age begins? Will you have done whatever you could to become the sole Emperor of the Kingdom of Fire when the Kingdom of Gods arrives? There is only one way to find out. You must generate as many points as you can in Grand Finale Series. It is ...

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Game of War News and Updates

There are a number of updates to announce, warriors!   All New: Guileful Troops, Legendary Hero Level 80, and Stronghold 500.   You can now train Guileful Troops. Gain 3x the unique and powerful by completing Gallant Combat Research and training T29 Troops. Level up your Stronghold and Legendary Hero to serve real damage!   Get bonuses to your   ...

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Kingdom of Champions: Athena’s Slayers Grand Finale on the Horizon

Mortals from every kingdom clamored to The Kingdom of Champions last week after Athena opened the Kingdom for Her birthday. Special bonuses were offered to all the warriors with courage to enter.   Athena congratulates those who survived. Their strength and dedication shone through the perilous night, as did the flames of their enemy’s encampments.   The winner was Philth22 ...

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Athena Bestows Rewards Upon Gracious Mortals for Her Birthday

Brace yourselves, mortals! Athena’s birthday nears, and because she bestows gifts upon the gracious and devoted, she has sanctioned Bonus Round 3. The Kingdom of Champions will open November 13th at 8am, and close at 4pm on November 14th!   Those that have spent time with Athena in the Kingdom of Champions will be rewarded by special gifts, and more ...

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