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Hero Presets – Everything You Need to Know

Hero Presets in Game of War Hero Presets is an exciting new feature and one that could significantly change combat in Game of War. Previously, changing hero skills and equipment was a slow, laborious process and certainly not possible in the heat of battle. Unlocking Presets The research for unlocking presets is found part of the way down in the ...

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Free Lvl. 7 Treasury Trick

Treasury Upgrade Trick

How to Get a Free lvl. 7 Treasury in Game of War The lvl. 7 Treasury is great for your economy, it allows you to earn 21k gold per month free of charge. How would you like a free one that actually earns you a little gold in the process? I can’t take credit for this but thought it was ...

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How to Assess Inferno Events

Inferno Events

For those of you that religiously keep an eye on Inferno Events like myself, here is a quick guideline to help assess their quality at Stronghold Level 21. The current benchmark for rewards are:   15 Day Speed Ups per 1 Million Points 10k Gold per 1 Million Points   Or some combination of the two. So  for example, the ...

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Open All Chests Feature Costs … A Lot

Open All Gifts

With the launch of VIP Prestige MZ are finally about to give us an open all chests feature. This has long been top of my requested features list…until I realised how much it cost. It is unlocked at VIP Prestige Level 12 which requires 2.9 million VIP points.  The best packages currently ofer 100k gold for $100 which means to ...

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VIP Prestige is Here

VIP Prestige

MZ today have launched VIP Prestige – a full set of 12 additional VIP levels to work through after you have reached Standard VIP level 10.  The benefits at high levels are great but are actually worse than normal VIP until you reach Prestige Level 9 so be prepared to work through the early levels quickly. It is also not ...

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March Research Tree

The Crafting Tree still feels very new but MZ don’t hang about. They have just introduced a long and varied research tree called ‘March’. The blog makes reference to it being ‘critical for the Alliance City’ which may explain some of the otherwise odd research options including a whole 10 levels for a total of 1% resource sharing tax reduction!.  ...

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Skeleton Dragons are Back

These undead dragon skeletons are great. They only appear at lvl 4 and above but their item drops are much better than normal lvl 4s.  Also when you kill them you get a tomb with 1500 gold (at lvl 4) with a chance to gather some nice Pieces. Make the most of them – they didn’t hang around for long ...

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Current State of Events – 1st Dec

Good Inferno events are still rare so need to keep a keen eye out but saw this excellent Research, Training event a couple of days ago. For those of you training T3 this takes about 170 days of speed ups to get top prize but pays back 158.  The best ‘return on investment’ I have seen so far. T4 training ...

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Current State of Events – 29th Nov

For the first time in a long time I caught a glimpse of an inferno event worth competing in. I was too late to take part but it paid out 600 days of speed plus 80k gold. If you are set up with the right number of barracks and troop training speed you can make back at least two-thirds of ...

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Black Friday Gold Package

MZ have offered their best package to date, raising the bar to 101k gold and 435 days of speed ups.  This drops the cost of a new account getting to T4 to less than $900/£500. Although who knows how long it will be before MZ offer this again:  

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