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Troops Boosts also Boost Traps


Troop Attack and Defense Boost also Affects Traps An interesting find here. Trap attack and defense is affected by your troop attack and defense boost. In other words: Total Trap Attack Boost = Troop Attack Boost + Trap Attack Boost (and something similar for trap defense). This means you should always focus on Troop Attack before focussing on Trap Attack ...

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Gem Data now Online


Gems Stats Online Now Inside Game of War has launched it’s gem boosts section which you can see here.  We are missing a few lvl 6 boosts so if you have any of the the missing info please let me know. There will be a Gem guide to follow in due course.    

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Beginners Guide to KvKs

For those of you new to KvKs or yet to experience them we have added a page explaining everything you need to know. www.insidegameofwar.com/resources/kingdom-vs-kingdom-events/ Also check out our guide to selecting troops for KvKs.    

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A Nice Inferno and Solo Event

Inferno Events

I spotted two nice events today. They are only small but well worth doing. One is the return of a cracking Research/Train Inferno and the other is a brand new Solo Research Event. Research/Train Inferno Event This is a cracking level 1 Prize. It is not far away from being double the benchmark for Inferno prizes. I personally try and ...

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Unlocking T4 Troops – The Requirements

Unlcoking T4 Troops

For those of you yet to unlock T4 troops we’ve added a page with all the research, buildings and gold requirements. Only 8,500 days, 620,000 gold and 650m silver! http://www.insidegameofwar.com/resources/guide-unlocking-t4-troops/

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Enemy Troop Defense Debuff – Revealed

With the launch of Xena’s Gear, MZ have released their first gear set containing the new Enemy Troop Defence Debuff boost. As we explored in this article, defense boost is nowhere near as effective as troop health except when fighting much weaker opponents. Flip this around and logically this makes Enemy Troop Defence Debuff very effective vs. much much stronger ...

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New Strategic Troop Gear – Snow Cores and Pieces

The release of what MZ are calling ‘Strategic Troop Gear’ is quite simply game changing. Not quite sure how they relate to snow, but they are unbelievably power. It is quite a significant change, they are in many ways more powerful than even lvl. 6 Legendary Combat Gear . Take a look at this lvl 1. core. It offers: 35-56% ...

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Ice Dragons – Gold Frenzy

The current Ice Dragon monsters are quite frankly ridiculous. They are exactly the same as the excellent skeleton dragons but appear at all levels (skeleton dragons only appeared at lvl. 4 and above).  A lvl 1. monster that gives your alliance a sapphire gift, drops excellent cores/pieces and leaves a tile with 1,500 gold.  The sapphire gifts are great offering ...

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Candy Cane Gem

New Winter Gem in Game of War The new Candy Cane gem is great. It is the same boost as a  Troop Health gem (which is one of the best gems in the game) but uses the 4th gem slot.  This allows a total of 50% health boost from gems per item which is a very big upgrade (the current ...

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Launch of Inside Game of War Gear Reviews!

Equipment Gear

Equipment Reviews Are Now Live! Today sees the first of our equipment reviews go live for the Horned Devil Helm and will be the first of many reviews to come. Over the next few days we will be adding reviews for all the new Winter 2014 and Xenas Gear, working our way trough the extensive list of equipment available in ...

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