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New Core Gear

Hail, warriors, An artisan is only as good as their tool, and the same applies to even the greatest of fighters on the field of battle. The time has come to enhance your tools of war with new Core Gear. Mix and match new exciting combinations of Core Gear to help defeat your enemies faster than ever before. Keep an ...

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Demigod – Serpent Dragon

Hail, warriors, There are a new set of boons from the gods to bring onto the field of battle, but only for the worthy. First, on this coming weekend, fight to the end of the rainbow on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend for the Lucky Jackpot Super Wonder. One lucky warrior will get an enormous treasure trove of Mystery Chests, ...

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Demigod Boosts

Hail, warriors, Part of taking on future challenges is being prepared for anything, and doing what you can to set future battles in your favor. Start by taking advantage of the Demigods’ favor, contained in divine chests filled with treasures. Stock your armies with the items found inside these Demigod Mystery Chests, with exciting items like Spartan Spears, Demigod Resources, ...

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Champion of the Kingdom of the Gods Has Been Declared

Champion of the Kingdom of the Gods Has Been Declared   Dear Warrior,   Immortality only comes to those who deserve it, and the Quest for it has commenced. When the dust has settled, a few stand apart from the rest. Here, on Olympus, there is only room for those who have truly shown their prowess in battle. The Kingdom ...

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Troop Gear Research

Warrior, there is never any time to rest. You must ensure that every ounce of strength you have is devoted to the cause. Do you have all that you might need to shed the most blood in the Savage Kill Event? You must hurry to prepare because the fight is imminent and there is little time. The only way to ...

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Ring in 2018 with the New Year Avatar Collection Event

Warrior, prepare yourself for battle. As the New Year begins you must be ready to show your War face and fight for all that you believe in. Make it clear to your enemies how much you have learned in the past year be participating in the New Year’s Avatar Collection Event. Every day will bring different objectives for you to ...

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