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Core Builder Tool – Major Updates

Core Builder Tool Updates Thank you all for your comments and feedback. We have rolled out a number of major updates to the core builder tool and there are tons of new features: Gems! – You can now add gems to your recipes with options to add them in bulk Load from Secret Recipe – Load entire secret core recipes into ...

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iGoW Monster Madness Event 1 Results

    On March 1st, the first iGoW Monster Madness Competition was held. 96 competitors battled it out over 24 hours, in order to see who could kill the most monsters in that time span. Over 22,ooo monsters were killed during the event. This inter-kingdom event was the first of its kind and stretched through 31 different kingdoms. The players that ...

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The Largest Zeroing in Game of War History – March 2016

70 Bil Power Player Zeroed

Update: This is no longer the record, see here for the new record 70 Bil Power Player Zeroed We have just received this in from gorilla69. Colt45Lang has been zeroed in a KvK. Over the course of just over two hours he was dropped from 70.3 billion power and 1.4 billions troops to 21.4bil. This smashes the previous Game of War ...

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Research Update – Hero Tree Additions Now Live

The Latest Monster Research from the Hero Tree is now live. Check it out in the Hero Tree here. And see the research and building calculator here. A few stats about the new research: Total Research Time: 7,100 days Total Power Gain: 9.7 bil Total Silver Cost: 290 bil  

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Raiding Banks – Tip (PART 2)

After my first post on raiding banks which can be found here, I would get asked, “How do you click on the stronghold when there are a lot of players raiding the same bank from every angle?” quite regularly. If you have not had the pleasure of raiding a bank, it can be very hard to click on the stronghold ...

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New Core Set Pages

All the Info on Core Sets in One Place We are pleased to announce that the new core set pages are now live. These pages pull together all the info about core sets into one place including: Total Boosts (filterable by Troop Type, Secret and Set) All the Recipes required to build the set A Shopping List of all the Cores ...

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