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Level 22 Buildings Released

Update: For all the Level 22 buildings see here Level 22 Buildings have been released today. These have been in the works for some time now, and have been live multiple times in Beta.  Resource levels, construction times as well as the gold required to upgrade the levels are quite extensive and set up below. Stronghold Level 22 Benifits + ...

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New Troop Nerf Calculator

Slaggy has compiled a Nerf Calculator to help iGoW readers to stay under the nerf limits for the different tiers of troops. If you are new to the game, or have been playing but this doesn’t ring any bells,  a limit was installed on the number of lower tiered troops one can have in relation to their T4, if they have ...

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Master Architects Set Gear – Now Live

Master Architect Set Gear Is now live on the site. This set has been released to coincide with the release of the new level 22 buildings. It is a one-dimensional set that serves one purpose – to make construction cheaper and quicker. It only offers one boost which is construction boost.  In addition, the set bonus offers a reduction in ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 22nd March – Twin Coliseum Event, Leprechaun and More

Week 16th March to 22nd March 2016 16th Mar 2016 – Wild Troops Unlocked. The ability to fully utilize the wild troops has now been released. Wild troops can now be used in wonder battles. 16th Mar 2016 – Leprechaun World Monsters New world monsters were released for St Patrick’s Day. The leprechauns brought new permanent gear, cores and pieces as well. A new gem ...

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Hades Core Set – Now Live

The Hades Core Set and Secret Recipes are Now Live The Hades core set has just been released and is now live on the site. You can check out all the recipes, boosts and get a complete item list from the Hades Core Set page here. Or load it straight into the Core Builder so you can get customizing and try ...

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Gear Update – Dark Hunter Set, Leprechaun and Oillipheist

Near Gear Added to the Site Including the New Dark Hunter Set We have now added the Dark Hunter Set, Leprechaun Gear, Ollipheist, Crystal Dragon and new Gems. The main new addition is the Dark Hunter set which is the new monster killing set. Completing the full set gives an extra 40,000 Hero Energy and a modest +8% Critical Damage.  The gear itself ...

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Big Hit World Record (1.24 Bil – March 2016)

The Biggest Hits in Game of War Alongside the record for the largest zeroing, we have had a submission for the most Power Destroyed in a single hit. Will start keeping track of them in this post. Please send any submissions with supporting evidence to records@insidegameofwar.com 1.24 Billion Power Destroyed – March 2016 Attacking Alliance: PZK Player Hit: Timber53 Power Destroyed: 1.24bil ...

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Zeroing World Record (80 Billion – March 2016)

Game of War – Zeroing World Records New zeroing records are coming in thick and fast. Instead of continuing to write new posts for all of these,  we will start combining them into one post. The current record will be at the top of the article. Please email any new records with supporting info to records@insidegameofwar.com 14th March 2016 – ...

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New Zeroing Record – Now 75 Billion

75 Billion Zero

Update: This is no longer the record, see here for the new record New Game of War Record Zeroing – 75 Billion The zeroing record has been broken again. The 70bil record set last week has been beaten by 5 bil. And this time the zeroing was completed by a single alliance – Mad? The zeroing took over 3 hours, ...

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