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New Game Feature Coming Soon – Hall of Monsters

New Hall of Monsters Building will Allow you to Capture Monsters Recently announced in Beta is a new Alliance City building – the Hall of Monsters.  This building will allow you to use the new Monster Cage item to capture monsters from the Explorer Dungeon. Doing so will grant your Alliance additional bonuses based on the type and level of the ...

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Level 22 Buildings (Update: All Buildings Now Live)

Level 22 Buildings – Week 3 (Academy, Watchtower, Embassy, Altar, Hall of War) The final round of Level 22 Buildings have been released. Today we see the new Academy, Watchtower, Embassy and Altar. The most impactful upgrade will no doubt be the increase in maximum Rally Size – now 2.3m plus your maximum solo march size. See below for more ...

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Game of War Weekly Roundup – 12th April, Side Arm Accessories, New Emperor, New Explorer Dungeon Abilities

Week 5th April  – 12th April 2016 April 5th 2016 – Additional Explorer Dungeon Abilities New abilities have been added to the dungeon research. Fire Barrier, Life Force and Mortal Strike are new abilities that will help you defeat the wind-based monsters. April 7th 2016 – New Side Arm Accessories.  New additional accessories have been released for the Northern King Set, ...

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Core Builder Tool – Official Launch (Plus New Features)

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Core Builder Tool (No Longer in Beta!) We are pleased to announce that we have fixed most of the bugs and implemented enough of the core features to move the tool out of beta. Many of you have been using the core builder tool for a while now already. Here are some of the new features that you will find: ...

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iGoW Monster Madness Competition – Event 2

       Inside Game Of War has just released the 2nd event date for the 24-hour Monster slaying event. Don’t miss out on registering for the event. 600,000 worth of gold prizes up for grabs (gifted in the form of in-game items). For further details and registration click the below link. http://www.insidegameofwar.com/igow-monster-madness/

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New Gear Added – Troll Jester, Irate Rabit and 4 New Gems

Troll Jester, Irate Rabbit Equipment Now Live New Equipment Troll Jester Irate Rabbit Also check out the updated Best Combat Gear New Gems A load of new gems have been added and check out the best combat gems here. New Cores and Pieces Check them out in the Best Cores and Pieces Tool here. Or see all Cores and Pieces here. Also ...

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Building Calculator Updated with Level 22 Buildings (Week 2)

Research and Building Calculator now Supports Level 22 Buildings Improvements to the building tool include: Works up to level 22 Shows you the number of Master Hammers you will Need Allows you to enter a value for Master Hammer Reduction for boosts gained from the Master Architect Set Gear (you can see the boosts for this on the Set Bonuses page). A ...

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Level 22 Buildings Week 2 – Hospital, Prison, Barracks, Villa

Update: For all the Level 22 buildings see here New Level 22 Buildings: Hospital, Prison, Barracks, Villa, Logging Camp, Storehouse For the first round of level 22 buildings see here. Round 2 of the new level 22 buildings includes 6 more buildings. We see new boosts for the Barracks in the form of Health Debuff , the Villa get Gathering ...

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