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New Zeroing Record – Now 75 Billion

75 Billion Zero

Update: This is no longer the record, see here for the new record

New Game of War Record Zeroing – 75 Billion

The zeroing record has been broken again. The 70bil record set last week has been beaten by 5 bil. And this time the zeroing was completed by a single alliance – Mad?

The zeroing took over 3 hours, 6 sets, 3 rally leaders and 500m troops. The zeroed player – PAPAGIORGI0 (he changed his name after the zeroing) was wearing Slayer gear and was gemmed for monsters.

The attackers started with Zeus gemmed for Defense Debuff (4,300% attack, 1,700% defense debuff). After they dropped him to the mid-60s they used Dragon Bone and then Frostbitten.  Once down to 50b they rotated between the three. In total they used 2 of each set over 3.5 hours.



Action Shot:


First and Last Hit:



1457968113660 1457968115220





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  1. Papagiorgio Redux

    Well, darn. I thought I would hold that record longer than a couple of days, lol. More seriously though, I am encouraged that MZ is keeping the game open. My city hadn’t burned in over a year, which took the excitement out of the game. Knowing that all the bigs are burnable if they make a mistake is great for the game. The game is more fun if I gotta stay on my toes rather than coast or mail it in… 😉

  2. 76bil is the New Record

  3. This just scares me. I’m just a little 7.7 bil and I can barely hold heroes offline. There’s a big alliance in my kingdom (LCr) that is one of those alliances who are so big they can afford to zero just about anyone. They are constantly experimenting on their limits. If it burns they will keep hitting it. Anyway I guarantee a 90 bil will get zeroed by next week and this will be old news.

  4. Haha don’t take long to set a new record. 85 bil zeroed in k442 2 nights ago

  5. Andorra would have more chance of successfully launching a simultaneous invasion of USA, China, Russia and India than the average player would have of making an impact on the one of the whales. The power imbalance has just got too great.

  6. Papagiorgio Redux

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh… It’s an honor to hold such a record. Nice shot, Thuq! I’ve been meaning to reset my troops since the updates, so this was a lot easier than disbanding them… 😉

  7. and look who got that last hit in. Colt back in action!!!

  8. Hi. I was colt45bang (normally epicaricacy, changed it to Coz the alliance I’m in normally has nap with them, but couldn’t resist this lol). He is still playing and is back up to 45b now. He changed name ot OuchThatHirt first. Then went to PapaTraining. Then to NearlyPapa. Cost me personally 100m t4, bit was worth it lol

  9. he is back up to 60b

  10. That’s what we do in vale nothin but fun XD

  11. Too late. 80b zerod last night

  12. Can anyone confirm whether this player quit afterwards? If so, then these big zeroings are reducing the population of whales in the game. Probably not something MZ wants

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