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New Wonder Cores & Health Gem Set

Helios Wonder Cores & Bravery Health Gems

To coincide with the Super Wonder announcement, MZ are rolling out a new Wonder Core Set, and Gem Set to go with it.

Helios Core Set base stats are:

5500% Troop Health
4600% Troop Attack
4500% Troop Defense
5500% Rally/Wonder Health
4500% Rally/Wonder Defense

Use the Gear Workshop to power up cores, for Full Power Bonus of 6500%+ Health, & 1000% Attack Debuff.

Level your Set Gear, also in the Gear Workshop, for 50,000% Troop Health & 15,000% Legion Health/Defense.

Equip Helios Wonder Cores with the new Bravery Health Gem Set.

7 set of Bravery Gems will give you

6825% Wonder Health Holding
6825% Wonder Health
4536% Troop Health
2702% Troop Attack

You can obtain a full set of Helios Cores in one pack, but you will need 3 1/2, to get a full set of Bravery gems.

The wonder cores should hopefully be a bit easier to use with presets given the new VIP feature


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