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New Training Gear – Imperial General Set

Training gear has been updated.

Imperial General Set  is the latest gear to be released for training troops.  It offers a 5000% promotion queue size, 4000% training queue size and 1000% training and promotion speed.

Wearing this gear will allow you to train up to

T1 troops 2 billion
T2 Troops 1.8 billion
T3 Troops 1.5 billion
T4 Troops 1.3 billion
T5 troops 1.1 billion



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  1. You figured it out after how long and spending how much?

  2. This is not true, T5 is Max 892 billion that you can train with all boosts.

  3. I’m out- final nail in the coffin. Mz’s last grab for cash before it all comes to an end

  4. this game is turning to crap, was fun. not anymore. better off leaving and save your money for real life stuff. MZ sucks

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