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New Tool – Enter Your Materials to Find Gear

Game of War Tool to Show all the Gear that you can Craftmaterial to gear tool

By popular demand. This was the second most voted for new feature in our recent poll.

Simply enter the materials you have, click search, and the tool tells you which gear you can craft. Features include:

  • Sort by Attack and Defense rating (taken from our Best Combat Gear tool) to find the best Combat Gear you can craft.
  • Filter on specific boosts to find the best gear for a specific boost.
  • Filter on Hero Level.

Note: This tool is in Beta so there still may be bugs. There are more features planned for the future including the ability to Save and Load your materials!

Try it out here and let me know your feedback:

Find Gear from Materials Tool


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  1. tried this latest tool, unfortunately it is throwing a php error. i just selected boost type and one material.

  2. Where do I find this tool please????

  3. Hello..love love this site! Have to ask, when do you think you’ll have the new Defense category mapped out where it shows the research times and rss involved with power etc.?

    Thank you!

  4. Seems like this website is kind of dying lately. What’s going on? Are you guys still working on content, or are you done?

  5. Excellent! Thank you!!!!

  6. This is amazing! I even put a request for a tool like this. I’m excited to give it a try.
    Perfect timing too. I’m in the process of opening hundreds, maybe thousands, of chests.

  7. Awesome. Can’t thank you guys enough for creating this tool.

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