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New: Take Your Buildings to the Next Level

Are you ready to level up for extra boosts?

Game of War now lets you level up your Auxiliary buildings, including your Graveyard, Mausoleum, and Pantheon, to grab exclusive advantages and prove your dominance to your adversaries.

Want a 33.33KT% boost on your Legion Defense? Level up your Graveyard and your Treasury.

Boost your stats by leveling up your Archaeology Hall and get 2.2KTT% Troop Style Attack and 1.39KT% Empire Troop Defense Bonus.

Here are some other options:

Gear Workshop – 500KT% Defense Annihilation

Pantheon – 2.2KTT% Pantheon Deity Troop Attack

Mausoleum – 2.2KTT% Legion Attack; 33.33KT% Legion Defense; 11KTTRally and wonder Health Bonus

Alchemy lab – 4B% Potion Troop Type Attack; 4.1m% Potion Troop Type Defense; 4.15M% Potion Troop Type Health

Black Market – 250B% Mobile Troop Atta; 5KT% Resolute Troop Defense

Imperial Banner – 220TT% Onslaught Attack; 11KTT% Rally and Wonder Health

Speed Up Treasury – 75KT% Legion Defense Debuff

Explorer Dungeon 2.2KTT% Legion Attack

More on Strategy

Remember, building levels are tiered, so successful warriors will follow a good strategy to make the most of their current position before moving onto a new one.

You’ll also remember the updates at the end of August that brought new tiers of buildings as well as troops and heroes within the game. Some called it a “full reset” of Game of War so far, but we call it a return to the roots of the game.

With that in mind, you’ll need new item types to upgrade your buildings, so build a strategy that enables you to collect more of the required items as you upgrade to new tiers.

What Are You Waiting For?

These boosts are enough to surprise your enemies and take you to the next level in Game of War.

Stay tuned for news about events and new updates to the game.


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