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New Research Tree – Set Bonus Tree (Update)

Update – This is now live! Some more info:set-bonus-tree 

MZ have launched 4 groups of ‘Set Gear’ and multiple sets within each group. The sets are from Xena’s , Salvagers/Blacksmith, Monster Slayer/Perseus and Fire Age.

The boosts become active once you own a base set. A Base set is (5 Items) of legendary gear from within the same set (Helm, Amour, Foot Amour, Weapon and Accessory).

A full set of gear offers additional boosts on top of the base set of boosts but requires two additional items (7 Items in total) which will be the additional 2 Accessory slots to that set.

There’s also a feature that allows you to set a specialised bonuses which is in addition to the base or full set boosts. This feature is coming soon.

Along with the Set Gear comes a new & extensive research tree to compliment it.

This research tree, whilst primarily aimed at the new Set Gear feature, extends past this and also has further production boosts, Hero Presets & More.

Collecting the base or full set of legendary gear on any featured set will be a feat in itself. However once achieved the boosts would be a very nice addition.

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No sooner has the Defense tree been completed than MZ have started work on a new Research Tree – the sexily named Set Bonus Tree.

It looks to mainly offer bonuses for wearing specialized sets of gear (training gear, cavalry gear, etc.).  There are also some boosts that boost specific slots (helmet, weapon, etc.), with separate research for standard gear and core gear.

This will encourage the crafting of some older less exciting gear – not worth crafting on its own but potentially worth crafting as part of a set.

The tree will mostly benefit those with good gear and those with a good selection of gear to choose from. However, by focussing on the boosts that affect the gear you own it does allow you to extract a bit more value from them.

This is currently in Beta – more details to follow. (Thanks again to WigglyRisky for the images).
Set Bonus ResearchIMG_0139IMG_0140IMG_0143IMG_0144IMG_0145IMG_0141IMG_0142IMG_0146 IMG_0148






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  1. How much power does full set bonus research tree add?

  2. Profile photo of smiler

    hi can anyone help or advise on the bonus i have the full set of magistar and not once got any research% bonus its either stone wood food or ore ive spent over 2mill gold resetting it …thanks

  3. I have seen a shining hero today (meaning the bonus if active) with some of the gear not a level 6. Has anyone saw this ? I need one equipment to complete a set, so o crafted it level 1…obviously, it does not enable the bonus… Is there a trick?

  4. It’s more easy unlock preset here than from march tree? Iam in troop defense lvl 8 actually from march tree.

  5. Randy whitehead

    Is there any way to know if your getting the set bonus? I think I meet the criteria but don’t know if I’m getting it or not.

  6. Can you mix and the Xena gear? For those that already have lvl 6 Xena gear, and want to take advantage of the new accessories?

    • No sorry all gear is in sets you need a min of 5 peices of gear to get the boosts if I remember rightly xena gear are split into 4

  7. One of the researches near the top of the tree is “Combat Presets.” Does anyone who saw this in beta know what that will be? Is this a different way to unlock some gear preset slots? I was about to try to do all the stupid, useless March Tree research to get to presets, but if this is a shorter route to unlock presets I’ll wait…

    I hope someone knows!

    • It’s not currently available in beta sorry

    • Sorry it’s not unlocked in beta yet so I have no idea lol but the march tree is a very good tree to research the research at the top end is very good also presets are a must

  8. At what sh lvl do you have to be to start researching set gear?

  9. That extra skill set got me speculating that hero cap is going up. The level came back for level 50 in the main game

  10. And another feature for big spenders with already a huge advantage with their superior gear. Now they can (ofcourse after spending a few k) get even more bonus.

  11. Also, is this only for those with academy 21? That’s assuming you don’t need presets.

  12. I have started the March Research but it locks at level 9 on the upper teir and the lower teir wont open. It says (requirement not met”

  13. So this only applies to those that ha e unlocked hero presets?

  14. Will this gear be available for all or just for lvl 21 academy?

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