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New Release: Liberator Gems and Behemoth Runes

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level in your next battle? Meet your maximum potential with the latest release of Liberator Gems and Behemoth’s Runes.

These are just the latest in the newest releases to help warriors make the most of their power. Collect them all to boost your current stats and take game play to the next level.

Liberator Gems

We first revealed the Liberator Gems back in July, but they’re back with these new boosts.

Combine and embed all 7 gems and grab these bonuses:

  • 7.5KTT% Troop Attack
  • 15KT% Legion Defense
  • 7.5KT% Empire Defense Debuff
  • 15KTT% Wonder/Rally Health
  • 73.23KT% Empire Defense
  • 73.25KT% Defense Annihilation
  • 7.5KTT% Mobile Trap Health

Don’t forget about the rule of 28. Focus on obtaining at least 28 of each level of gem to combine then and reach the next level with the whole set of seven. Be sure to take gems from any cores or equipment you want to upgrade to maximize your upgrade potential for each gem.

Behemoth’s Rune Set

Reinforce your existing armor with Behemoth’s rune set.

  • 10KTT% Troop Attack Bonus
  • 10KT% Resolute Defense
  • 10MT% Unstoppable Attack
  • 20KT% Type Defense Bonus
  • 1KT% Type Defense Debuff
  • 20KTT% Rally Health Bonus
  • 20KTT% Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus
  • 10KTT% Mobile Trap Health
  • 10KTT% Gathering Troop Health Bonus

Are You Ready for Battle?

Make your weapons better than the rest with these two new options for incredible boosts. Don’t wait – get crafting.

Head over to Game of War to explore the new content and check out Sales exclusive only to Game of War blog readers now.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the latest Game of War news to level up before your competition.


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