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New Phoenix Fire Age Gear and Secret Core Recipes

Phoenix Fire Age Gearfire age phoenix gear

The Latest Phoenix Fire Age Gear has been added to the site. It is MZ’s first proper combat gear release since Xena’s Valetine gear back in February. The gear is unsurprisingly excellent but once again raises the bar for crafting difficulty. Crafting the full set requires 16 elusive Blue Flames.

It also one of their largest set releases containing 7 items, including 3 different accessories. You can see the complete set of Fire Age Gear here.

They do pretty well on the Best Combat Gear List, with many of them making an appearance somewhere. At first glance, the real stand out item is the Phoenix Chaos Accessory.

A full gear review will follow shortly.

New Secret Core Recipes

The list of secret core recipes has been updated with 4 new entries. Check them out here.

Defense Research Info

Coming soon – we hope to have all the research times, costs and rewards for you shortly

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