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New Pantheon Research and Boosts

Pantheon has added two new Deities and a new research tree today.

Poseidon and Hades have joined their fellow deities in the Pantheon and they are available once your Pantheon building reaches level 21.

The benefits to your stronghold are:


  • 15,000% legion defence, resource tile health, infantry/ranged/cavalry defence with hero
  • 85,000,000 trap capacity
  • 10,000% legion defence debuff, infantry/ranged/cavalry defence debuff
  • 700,000% legion attack, infantry/ranged/cavalry attack with hero
  • 1,500,000% mobile trap attack
  • 2,000,000% rally/wonder attack, rally/wonder mobile trap health
  • 3,500,000% rally/wonder health

All Pantheon Deity Boosts – 3 Deities activated

  • 600,000% all pantheon deity attack bonus
  • 900,000% all pantheon deity health bonus

Don’t forget that each deity you have activated uses 1 tribute per each troop in your rally.

Empower Deity Boosts

  • Athena – 500,000% troop attack
  • Ares – 500,000% ranged attack
  • Zeus – 500,000% infantry attack
  • Apollo – 500,000% cavalry attack
  • Hera – 500,000% health debuff
  • Aphrodite – 10,000% defence debuff
  • Poseidon – 3,500,000% rally/wonder health
  • Hades – 2,000,000% mobile trap/wonder health

Behemoth Boosts

  • 2,250% behemoth troop defence, troop attack, troop health, defence debuff
  • 1,000% infantry/ranged/cavalry behemoth attack                                                                                (5,000% in total boost for each with max research)

It will take around 10.0BT in resource cost to complete the tree(we will update when we have the exact cost). The speed-ups needed are currently free for members of the DBC.



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  1. Mostly attack but it should give you a 15k% undebuffable defense boost

  2. The cost of upgrades has never been cheaper..IF YOU CAN HOLD YOUR ADDICTION AT BAY FOR A WEEK! it keeps it fresh. And this is coming from someone who hated game and quit for 7 months. Quit qhining or quit playing cuz its not gonna change

  3. Does pantheon work on defending city
    Or just attacking?

  4. thinking about this, just craft a bunch of cores and hit anything and zero my self out. I guy that was in XR with me, skrillix xy just said the hell with it and just sending troops to wonder until he was zeroed. i guess mz likes that

  5. they are upgrade drunk, once a week drops. everyone needs to stop buying for a few weeks. then they will get the point. but people like ctess buys 50 packs at a time, keeps them doing it. STOP BUYING PLEASE

  6. they need to take a vacation for a few months. people will still buy packs for cores, rss, boost, and speeds. take a break mz…. you suck

  7. Marc Marckwardt

    Eventually this game will come to a few players who couldn’t care less how much it costs to have fun anymore. Playing for 4 years now, all but the last research complete, I feel I am just starting over. The game is out of balance in so many ways. Insanity is the definition.

  8. its a shame the game has become only playable for the super rich.. shame time to move on I guess ????

  9. meandmyownself

    The goal must be to get all but the biggest whales to quit. When you do quit, just dismiss your troops, don’t let a whale pad his stats.

  10. fuck you mz

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