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New Mythical Gem Set

Mythical Liberator Gem Set

A new set of gems to enhance your power has just been released.

Combined with a fully researched Gem Set Bonus tree, you will see benefits of

800M% wonder/rally health      400M% troop attack

200,000% legion defence and empire defence debuff

The gems themselves have their own stat boosting attributes.  The following boosts come from level 6 gems.

Mythical Liberator Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby

  • 6.5M% wonder and rally health
  • 3,095,500% troop attack
  • 1,700% legion defence
  • 1,700% empire defence debuff

Mythical Liberator Topaz

  • 9.1M% wonder and rally health
  • 5M% troop attack
  • 2,050% legion defence
  • 2,050% empire defence debuff



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