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New Levels for Specialized Buildings

Upgrade your Unique Buildings

With the increase in your stronghold’s level along with he rural/urban buildings, your specialized buildings now have the chance to expand and better serve your plans for KE domination.

With the new levels, come a new necessary building item for each upgrade.  The buildings, with each required material and subsequent maxed boosts, are:

Archaeology Hall   Archaeologist’s Plumb

17,500,000,000,000% troop attack         5,000,000,000,000% empire defense

Black Market   Thief’s Purse

10,000,000,000,000% resolute defense

Explorer Dungeon    Forgotten Map

17,500,000,000,000% legion attack

Gear Workshop      Surging Power Jewel

7,000,000,000,000% defense annihilation

Graveyard     Gravedigger’s Lantern

6 hour Ultimate Execution Resurrection delay

Imperial Banner     Imperial Badge

166,700,000,000,000% rally/wonder health       7,000,000,000,000%onslaught attack

Mausoleum      Broken Blades

166,700,000,000,000% rally/wonder health      22,500,000,000,000% empire troop defense debuff

17,500,000,000,000% legion attack                    2,500,000,000,000% legion defense

Pantheon      Divine Quartz

35,000,000,000,000% troop attack with active deity

Speed Up Treasury      Ancient Time Crystals

22,500,000,000,000% legion defense debuff          4,000,000,000 in speed ups every 24 hours

Treasury       Gold Bars

2,500,000,000,000% legion defense         80,000 gold deposit with 1250% interest rate


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  1. I am at the level with specialized buildings that require specialized items. I have most of these items in my items, but there is no button to activate them. How do you get the activation buttons to appear???!!

  2. I am desperately trying to determine if the boost numbers under my profile equal the correct % including boosts received from buildings, banners, potions, gems, runes, research, skill tree deity etc or is this something I would have to manually calculate.

  3. Post a report when u got zeroed iShaw. Yuki did a great job

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