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New Infantry Core Set – Styx

Styx Infantry Core Set

Styx cores has been released by MZ along with the raw stats.

You can check out details of the Styx Core here.

6750% Infantry Attack
2150% Enemy Defense Debuff
2000% Infantry Health

Which in theory didn’t seemed that much of an improve. For a set that currently costs 3 packs to complete, it’s not much of an improvement, from its predecessor.

Equipped with banners, potion and boosted. KissMyCores shared his presets stats (attacks and debuffs vary from where you see it) , tests and opinion overall.

Shared a test on a 300B in Shogun

And the first hit against a 260B rally trap (was burned with Luna as well)

But overall, comments were clear that this set is not so much different from the other sets, just a slight increase on attack, and on attack debuffs, but still getting capped by the good traps.


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  1. The high health means that it is now a lot harder to kill the whole march. Rally leaders are getting about 20% of the march back even when they lose badly.

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