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New Heroless Burn Record- 1.6T

Jb3ar from L1CK, has broken the heroless record.

W4RGY had 38B troops when he was hit. The rally was set with not only level 5 boosted Aura, but there was also a potion used. The rally killed 10M troops.

The bar has just been raised again. As if boosted cores and hero 70, weren’t enough, we now have to look out for rally leaders using potions. Custom potions are another game changer. Who will be the first to break the new, 1.6T record? Time to check those setups again, to be sure you are safe!


And a special shout out to Wulvie from B^P for one of the best hits during a KE



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  1. Profile photo of karanmangwal

    We burned a 2T player with hero home yesterday night and have screenshots of that(stopped after 3 rallies as he got reinforced). How can we share that with insidegameofwar?

  2. Profile photo of Naughtydevi1

    I just burned a 1.88 trillion player

  3. Burned a 2T yesterday

  4. Just another reason why so many either leave the game or just stay shielded, and all the big people who have spent thousands just left with hitting empty dead empires for a few million rrs

  5. Burned a 1.4 trillion t3/t4 39 billion troops its more on reienforced or not and total troop count than troop teir

  6. Profile photo of OnlyGodForgiv

    It seems more and more accounts that are set up with straight t4 are burning a lot easier.

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