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New Hero Levels 81-85

Take you hero to new levels and heights.

Brand new levels for your hero will give your stats in multiple areas a huge boost. You can now raise your hero to level 85 with the use of Heroic Pins to unlock each new level.

You will need:

300,000 heroic pins for hero level 81

285, 000 heroic pins for hero level 82

270,000 heroic pins for hero level 83

255,000 heroic pins for hero level 84

3,240,000 heroic pins for hero level 85

Unlock  the levels to add the following boosts :

Combat Benefits 

  • 15,000%  troop defence/all type defence/legion defence (45,000% total)
  • 600,000%  troop attack
  • 700,000%  all type attack/ultimate type attack/rally attack
  • 500,000%  wonder occupy attack
  • 4,000,000% rally health and wonder occupy health
  • 1,500,000% mobile trap attack
  • 2,000,000% mobile trap rally health/mobile trap wonder occupy health
  • 10,000% triple defence debuff/legion defence debuff/enemy troop defence debuff

Economic Benefits

  • 500% training and promotion speed
  • 10% training and promotion cost reduction

A 500% Training Blessing Modifier gives 600% training speed and 3,000% troop queue bonus.

!0,000% Troop Defence on Empire Blessing Modifier gives 5,300% troop defence on empire.

Potion Benefits

  • 100,000% potion attack boost
  • 5,000% potion health and defence boost

Altar Benefits

  • 700,000% altar attack boost
  • 15,000% altar health and defence boost

Monster Benefits

  • 200% hero monster march speed
  • 1,000,000 maximum energy limit

These new levels and boosts will turn your hero into a formidable force!


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