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New Hero Levels 76-80

New Hero Levels with powerful rewards.
New Hero Levels has been released as expected in our premium room. Doing the events, you can get up to hero 78 with 3 packs. Check the table below for requirements and benefits, such as embassy defense blessing, which may change the reins power once again.

Hero LevelRequirementsBenefits
Level 76200,0002,000% Troop Attack & Defense
10,000 Troop Training Queue
25% Speed Up Treasury Effiency
Level 77600,0005,000% Troop Type Health
3,000% Troop Attack
500% Embassy Defense Blessing
Level 78900,0001,000% Troop Defense Debuff vs Marked Target
Rune Mastery Bonus

  • Fire Rune: 2,0000% Attack
  • Earth Rune: 2,0000% Defense
  • Water Rune: 2,0000% Health
  • Void Rune: 2,0000% Wonder / Rally Attack
Level 796,000,00010,000% Troop Attack
2,500% Health Debuff
25,000% Wonder / Rally Defense
100% Blessing Duration
Level 8023,300,00030,000% Wonder / Rally Attack

50,000% Wonder / Rally Health
4 Extra Days Potion Duration
1000% Attack / Health / Defense Potion Bonus


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  1. How do you get heroic pins to go beyond level 80?

  2. 200,000 of what? talking about the requirements of each hero level. please make sense.. also how many heroic medals ir tassels?

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