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New Hero Level 75

New Hero Levels have dropped

The new releases don’t seem to be stopping, anytime soon. MZ is finishing out the year, with releasing hero levels, 71-75. With these comes higher combat stats, new hero blessings, and higher building boosts.

Combat benefits

  • 100% attack against targets that have been marked
  • 750% troop attack increase
  • 200% siege defense debuff
  • 500% troop health, while holding the wonder
  • 1000% enemy defense debuff
  • 500% defense for ALL troop types
  • 1000% health for ALL troop types
  • 1500% attack for ALL troop types

New Hero Blessings

You can now boost your alliance members troop defense, and troop health.

  • 100% troop defense
  • 100% troop health
  • Double Duration for ALL blessings
  • Double the benefits of blessings you give
  • Double the benefits of blessings you receive

Utility Benefits

  • 400% Potion High Range- gives you higher stats on potions crafted.
  • 100% Building Boosts- increasing the amount of XP buildings gain, depending on their luck level.


Leveling up to new hero levels with require Hero Insignias.

71- 100,000 Insignias
Power Added- 6,954,393,173

72- 1,150,000 Insignias
XP Needed- 1,320,000,000,000 (1.2T)
Power added- 6,954,400,000

73- 1,250,000 Insignias
XP Needed – 2,278,800,000,000 (2.2T)
Power added – 6,954,400,000

74- 7,500,000 Insignias
XP Needed – 8,982,000,000,000 (8.9T)
Power added- 6,954,400,000

75- 22,250,000 Insignias
XP Needed – 31,500,000,000,00 (31.5T)

From start to finish, Hero 75 will require, 33,200,000, Hero Insignias.
$4,950 with current packs.

For hero 76, for whenever is released, it’s gonna need Heroic Tassels, so as always, don’t try to stock on Insignias doing the events after getting hero level 75.

Post will be updated with more information of the skill points and benefits.


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  1. When you clear 75 you may as well lay down for awhile until you find them. You do not earn XP during this time and I was told it does not retro add them when it is unlocked. That is a real pisser!!!???

  2. What about them TASSELS? no tassels, what a hastle!!

  3. Thank F I am a free player…

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