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New Research and Construction Gear Coming Soon – High Templar / Architect gear

Within this new set MZ have added new research gear along with a set of construction gear..

High Templar (Research) 

Using the current top research gear (Rabbit Boots, 3 x Chalice, Char Crusher, Reapers Hood, Mammoth Bone Cuirass) boosts your research speed by 189.5%

By comparison using this set of gear would boost your research speed by the exact same 189.5%

The High Templar gear requires a level 50 hero, where as the top current gear can start at level 15 hero (Vase over the Chalice), Level 40 Hero (Mammoth Bone Cuirass & Chalice) so if your hero is not level 50 yet the current gear is the way to go.

This being said there is nothing stopping this set becoming the next set gear and therefore benefiting from Set Gear research bonuses as well as any standard set gear bonuses.

Architect (Construction) 

This gear will really help those new Strongholds get up and running. This gear is currently able to be crafted from hero level 1, made from all standard materials and is considered a low cost silver requirement to craft.

The total set (based on 2 accessory slots) would boost your construction speed by 60%. For those who have a level 50 hero and 3 accessory slots and looking for top gear you would only require the amour from this set as it has a 5.4% additional boost which totals a 223.5% boost.

All these figures are assuming they stay the same until they are released.

Architect 1 Architect 2 Architect 3 Architect 4 Architect 5 High Templar 1 High Templar 2 High Templar 3 High Templar 4 High Templar 5


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  1. I hope the construction gear hero level at least reaches level 30 to yield better better percentages for speed. It would be a great compromise for those who have yet to reach 50 and for those that already are. What they are ‘constructing’ from what I am seeing is not worth getting in comparison to what is already being offered.

  2. While it may not be any better than the other gear that is already out, I’m actually really happy that they are using old materials for these instead of having to get a whole new set of materials. I know from my experience, I may not have enough materials to create a whole set from just one event but I may have enough to create one from one event and another from another event. For once, I’m a fan of the new set they are putting out.

    • It’s a step in the right direction but they’ve got a long way to go. They also need to be more truthful with their chests. Take Fire Chests for example, I opened quite a few of them and only ever seen one or two purples. Never a gold. The odds of them dropping a gold piece must be horrid, if its even possible.

      • I’ve got about 500 of them, from level 6 on down to 1. I’d trade them all in for one blue. The new bartering system can’t come fast enough!

  3. There is higher gear out now with the release of the samurai set….The Templar should have higher boost than that otherwise it doesn’t make sense. They are going to have a hard time phasing the materials out since its either Fireage and basic mats for most of the gear.

  4. i think this is a MZ setting things up to faze out the old set … step 1 create new gear step 2 make old gear impossible to create ….. step 3 take old gear out of crafting table.
    now everyone has to wait for hero 50 to get research boost and MZ make more money.
    you got to look at it from there side……. how do we make more money? 🙂

  5. research gear that gives you the same boost as the old gear. MZ sure is being cheap with the research boosts.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the new gear but what’s the next layer of analysis? I could do this on my own but I’m too lazy.

    By combining any of this new gear with the old gear, what is the maximum boost for research and construction (without the gear set bonuses). Does it make sense to craft a whole new set of gear for those who have already crafted legendary research and crafting gear? Or are there some new pieces of gear that we should simply substitute?

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hello, at this stage there are no announcements that the research or construction gear will make it to set gear for the additional boosts, it is more than likely however nothing confirmed at this stage. If the new gear gets released as pictured and the research boosts from the set gear do not come into play then they are like for like and would not be worth trying to craft a new complete set. However thinking like MZ they want you to craft the latest gear so its more than likely going to have good extra boosts from set gear research come into play which will make a lot of people think about acquiring the set.

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