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New Game Feature – Anyone Can Capture the Wonder

capture-the-wonderA new game feature made its way onto the blog yesterday. During the event anyone can become King – no longer just the leader of the alliance. After taking the wonder you can transfer the role of King to anyone in your Alliance.

I have to say I like this addition – anything that adds interactivity to more players (i.e. not just the leaders of the top few alliances) has got to be positive. Let us know what you think.




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  1. this is utter shite , i just got zeroed last night while i was asleep despite having a 3 day shield up

    • basically anyone can become king, join an alliance, transfer the wonder which will then cause their shield to drop and then wipe them out. makes the whole game kinda pointless, i have emailed MZ but i wont hold my breathe for a reply. im finished with the game now though, played for over a year, wont play again

      • There are a few ways to prevent this from happening. The most obvious is probably don’t let random people in your alliance. Many alliances have a strict ‘no acceptance’ policy during kvk. Or have a dummy SH as placeholder for r5. Or make sure you have def gear on when wonder is open. Dummy stronghold is good for avoiding kingdom tax as well.

  2. Certainly not but we are their bread and butter and no money and criminality under an FCC ruling is next.

  3. Those kingship awaits just invite problems and they drop they r5 shield leaving them vulnerable to attack especially if they are asleep or at work. I have seen this happen 3 times. Most people didn’t know it was possible
    To remove another s shield. It is dirty and dishonorable.

  4. This post does not accurate. We tested it as a R4 tried to take the wonder. Hero will still kicked out and R5 (me) needed to hold. Was this a beta test? Has it rolled out to all yes?

  5. Well, it certainly adds a new dimensions to the game. We had an interesting series of events take place during the recent KE. Players purchasing cities for sale in the opposing kingdom, and joining an alliance using a very similar name of a real member of the alliance for acceptance. They then took the wonder which dropped the r5 shields, and instantly rallied that player. Seeing as you can now transfer it to whomever, that is indeed something to consider during KE.

  6. Yes, it’ll complete said quest.

  7. It’s not new in my Kingdom…The top alliance that always captures the wonder transfers the Kingship to all her top cadre every Kvk ke for the past few months or so.

  8. Looks like this is beta only.

  9. I wonder if the R5 shields will still drop when the wonder is taken.

  10. I am looking at VIP 15 levels and think, why? those aren’t any good features. MZ needs to fix the temple issues and release (sounds like a good addition) and allow trading cores, peices, materials and gems across the kingdom (maybe thorugh alliance city). There hasn’t been any release for the allinace city in awhile… release some useful stuff MZ.

  11. If you become king this way, does that satisfy the empire quest?

  12. Awesome feature now let us trade materials between alliance members

    • Why stop there? Why not use the marketplace to trade items between kingdoms for materials and sell unused trinity items. I could make a nice chunk of gold for selling the trinity items I have that I can’t use. Let us set prices, let me sell resources across kingdom, get rid of the siege gems I will never use. This would make many more players happy

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