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New Frostfire Vial and Ingredients

New Vials and Ingredients

MZ has just released a new, stronger, attack potion. The Frostfire Attack Potion, puts up 2171% Troop Attack, 186% Defense Debuff, and 547% Health Debuff. Crafting it the way they suggest it, however, it doesn’t have any extra benefits yet or secret bonus yet.

Current packs are offering this Frostfire Attack Potion, as a bundle. Meaning, you get the vial, and all the ingredients needed, to craft the Potion. Here are the stats of the new Vial & Ingredients separately.



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  1. does it have to be in order to get the power?

  2. lucky i ended the cycle.. instead of spending money on this game i went on holyday for 3 weeks..

  3. Profile photo of Kristina

    There seems to be no end to the new things they put out and expect us to pay $99.99 to get it. If you don’t buy it and someone else does, you can be defeated… if you want to continue you’re forced to spend. It’s a vicious cycle. End of rant, but I’ve been in the cycle for a year!!!

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