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NEW – Fire Lord Fire Age Gear

fire-age-gearWe all expected it would come, all the Fire Age packs in the gold store on high rotation and the recent inferno events all featuring single flames.  All the time you’re sitting there thinking this all must be leading to something and it sure was. 

A new (and possibly the final) set of Fire Age Gear, is set to be released shortly and is currently in Beta being tested. 

The new set will cover off the cavalry boosts to complete each set in the Fire Age gear. Whilst some stats always change between Beta game and Live game we can assume that they will still be set close around what is shown.

Save up those elusive blue flames! Looks to be a total of 10 more will be required to complete this set. 

There are some impressive boosts to come from this set, whilst cores and relics will majority of the time dominate statistically, this set rounds out a nice standard war set for those cavalry attacks & defences.

Here is the first look at the new Fire Age Gear set – Enjoy. 


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  1. These do not show up in the best combat gear page at all.

  2. When will this gear be updated in the recommended gear?

  3. would like to see the best combat gear page updated with the new fire set and samurai. thanks

  4. already out….

    • Profile photo of MHY

      Hi Gabore, Yes i know. Thats a good thing for all, its some great gear i wrote this post about a week before it was released, however was to slow in publishing it. Ill be trying to bring you new releases as they come.

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