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New Dynamic Tops, Mighty Hero Lv 70 and Stronghold 725 Now Available

Warrior, the hour of reckoning is fast approaching. The time when you will be put to the test is coming,
and you must do all you can to bring the Gods on your side. Your scholars have been scouring the
ancient mysteries of the Academy, and your builders have been exploring new Upgrades for your empire
to bring you one step closer to the immortal. A meeting with the gods is imminent!
You must complete the Dynamic Combat Research to retrieve the Dynamic Troops you’ll need to do real
damage in battle. Find the Level up boost to bring added defense to your Stronghold and added
strength to your Mighty Hero.
The time is now to make your empire as strong as it has ever been.
March Size Benefits
No warrior can succeed alone. Find and make use of these valuable benefits to help you along your
 Unleash the 50KT Mythical Creature March Size on your Mighty Hero
 Add 5000KT Mythical Creature Rally Size: when you face a tall and menacing opponent
 5KYTT Mega Rally Size: when the battle is expanding and you need to rally your troops to
support the cause of the Empire!
 Benefit from 250TT Trap Solo Size to aid you in your hunting and fighting

Mythical Creature Benefits
Put these mythical creature benefits to use when the battle’s get tough:
 20T% Mythical Creature Attack: for an added boost in battle
 100T% Mythical Creature Defense: for when your Mighty Hero needs your help in battle
 100T% Mythical Immortal Defense: use this when you are face-to- face with the ultimate enemy
and must succeed
 200T% Mythical Creature Rally Health: keep this in your warrior pouch and use it when the
enemy thinks they have you on the back foot. The element of surprise is one of the most
effective tricks a wise warrior should use in combat!
There are more benefits to be found for those who are strong enough to find them. The journey will be
arduous and challenging for even the most skillful warriors. Only those who enjoy the struggle will
persevere in the end. If you complete the Dynamic Combat Research, then you will have put yourself
through struggle – and it will be time to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the Gods on your side.
Victory on the battlefield will be yours!


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